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French Midget Jet (Nov, 1956)

French Midget Jet

The little Minijet zips along at 250 mph and may become the big liaison plane of tomorrow.

THE tiny jet aircraft shown above is no mere novelty, though it is undoubtedly one of the smallest jets yet built. In recent aerobatic competitions in England it placed second against a number of British, Dutch, German and Spanish planes that were not designed to look cute. It’s called the Minijet and its makers hope it will prove a useful training and liaison plane.

Wooden Jet Mockups (Mar, 1948)

Wooden Jet Mockups
Canadians are saving time and money by making jet-engine mock-ups of pine, mahogany and cherry wood instead of metal. From blueprints, woodworkers make full-scale patterns of every component part and accessory, except piping, on proposed engines. Completed assemblies are then inspected by designers and engineers for possible changes. Shortcomings or design improvements are more easily spotted with the aid of the three-dimensional mockups than with blueprints alone. After approval, the patterns help foundrymen in casting parts for the actual engine.

Jet-Powered Bike Travels 70 M.P.H. (Feb, 1949)

Jet-Powered Bike Travels 70 M.P.H.
Burning ordinary automotive gasoline, a jet engine for commercial use has been installed experimentally on a motorbike which scooted along at more than 70 miles an hour. The miniature jet develops a static thrust of 30 pounds, yet weighs only 8-3/4 pounds. It is a little over six inches in diameter and 51 inches long. No fuel pump is required as the intake air velocity performs the pumping function. The engine is started with a vibrator coil and air from a small compressed-air tank. It will be used initially for experiments in helicopter and airplane-engine laboratories
but later may be installed as a stand-by power plant for gliders and as a power source for racing cars and boats.