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On-the-spot copying… (Oct, 1961)

On-the-spot copying…

A welcome convenience for you and your secretary… yours for as little as $99.50 with a Kodak Verifax Copier.

Put a Kodak Verifax Copier near your secretary’s desk and you won’t lose her for 10 minutes every time you need copies. Also, you’ll save 35c (or more) in secretarial “travel time” every time she makes copies for you. Which, in itself, soon pays for your Verifax Copier. And what a convenience!

The Day of His Going (Apr, 1918)

That’s kind of interesting. It’s manual time-stamping and tagging for photos.

The Day of His Going

In a million homes, pictures are keeping the story of the war as it touches those homes. John in his first khaki as he proudly marched away, and John, tanned and hardened, as he looked when home on leave.

More than ever the Kodak Album is keeping the home story. To-day that story means history, and more than ever it is important that it be authentic history—that every negative bear a date.

Brownie Movie Camera: Color movies cost less than you think (Oct, 1952)

Color movies cost less than you think

You can match this gorgeous color movie —in seven full-length movie scenes—for under $1.

8mm. Kodachrome Film is so economical, less than $1 makes a little color movie like you see here … finished and ready to show.

Save time – Shop here for the photo fans on your Christmas list (Dec, 1952)

Save time – Shop here for the photo fans on your Christmas list

These two pages give you some idea of the many useful and inexpensive gift ideas at your photo dealer’s. Visit him soon. He’ll be glad to help you choose just the right gift for every photo fan on your shopping list.

Easy-to-use materials for printing pictures —ideally suited for beginners. Kodacraft Printing Kit, $4.95.

Basic essentials for developing and printing pictures, including roll-film tank. Kodacraft Photo-Lab Outfit, $8.75.