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The Foster Portfolio (Sep, 1951)

In the early 90’s Showtime had a short-lived show called Kurt Vonnegut’s Monkey House, actually hosted by Vonnegut that showed productions of his short stories.

The Foster Portfolio

My business is handling other people’s money, and I have a great respect for money.

But how could I help a man like Herbert Foster, who had such an odd feeling about it?


I’M a salesman of good advice for rich people. I’m a contact man for an investment counseling firm. It’s a living, but not a whale of a one —or at least not now, when I’m just starting out. To qualify for the job, I hud to buy a Homburg, a navy-blue overcoat, a double-breasted banker’s-gray suit, black shoes, a regimental-stripe tie, half a dozen white shirts, half a dozen pairs of black socks and gray gloves.

The Powder Blue Dragon -Kurt Vonnegut, Jr (Nov, 1954)

This is one of Vonnegut’s earlier published stories. Interestingly a few years after the story was published he opened a short-lived Saab dealership in a town that sounds a lot like this one.

The Powder Blue Dragon

She was romance, beauty, a dream for a lifetime. He had to have her, no matter what the cost.


A thin young man, with big, grimy hands, crossed the sun-softened asphalt of the village street, from the automobile showroom to the drugstore, his self-consciousness thinly disguised by his pretense of being on important business.