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IT’S THE LAW! (May, 1942)

I don’t know about in 1942, but I’m pretty sure that snooping on another person’s mail is against the law in every city and state.


by Dick Hyman

Moonshiners in Pittsburgh, Fa., are required by law to hang out a sign explaining that they are operating a still.

An Ogden, Utah, ordinance forbids the holding of picnics in cemeteries.

In Seattle, Wash., a 30-year-old ordinance decrees that it is “unlawful to use water during a fire”.

Snooping in another person’s mail is against the law in Fort Atkinson, Wis.


I don’t know the current status of trademark law, but I don’t think you get simultaneous trademark registration among many countries. I think you have to register in each. This does remind me a lot of domain name squatting.



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TO thwart the genial trademark pirates of the Spanish main, the governments of the twenty-one republics of the New World are being encouraged by Uncle Sam to put into early practice a form of “team work” new alike to business and statecraft.

Impotence vs. the Marriage Contract (Oct, 1964)

The parties slept together but the wife habitually wrapped her night clothes and bedding around her and absolutely refused all sexual intercourse. The court, although somewhat baffled by the facts, allowed an annulment, saying that the wife’s unusual conduct pointed to some sort of incapacity, arising from nervousness, hysteria or unconquerable fear.

Think about the mindset that allows a husband a divorce when the wife refuses sex but would not let her get one because she didn’t want to have sex with him.

“The New York court said that it made no difference what the husband had said before the marriage concerning his sexual potency, because an offer of marriage by a man is as good as saying that he is potent.”

“One problem in making this kind of decision is the fact that women — unlike men — do not have to perform any active physical function in coitus.”

Despite of all the conservative idiocy about marriage in our national dialog(s), we have still come a long way forward when it comes to marriage.

Also, it seems that most of the issues presented here could have been solved by premarital sex.

Impotence vs. the Marriage Contract

Inability to perform sexual intercourse can sometimes annul a new marriage.

by John Warren Giles, LL.B.
A practicing member of the bar, Mr. Giles was formerly Professor of Law at the Catholic University of America and the University of Kansas.

Can a marriage be annulled because the husband is impotent? Or because the wife is unable to engage in sexual intercourse?

In many states, laws provide that a marriage may be annulled on the ground of sexual inability of either spouse. In such cases the courts have the power to require either or both of the parties to submit to a physical examination.