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LOSE BAD BREATH – Keep Your Friends (Dec, 1937)

LOSE BAD BREATH – Keep Your Friends

In spite of all that has been written about bad breath, thousands still lose friends through this unpleasant fault. Yet sour stomach with its resultant bad breath is frequently only the result of constipation. Just as loss of appetite, early weakness, nervousness, mental dullness, can all be caused by it.

Don’t Punish Your Stomach to Relieve Constipation! (Dec, 1937)

Don’t Punish Your Stomach to Relieve Constipation!

When you’re dull, tired, upset, headachy due to constipation, don’t take chances on making bad matters worse! Remember, no other type of laxative CAN do exactly what FEEN-A-MINT does ! It safeguards against trouble in 3 special ways:

1. NO STOMACH UPSET—you don’t swallow a heavy, bulky dose; there’s nothing to burden your overworked digestion.

Racist Laxative Ad (Dec, 1937)

Setting aside the ridiculously stereotyped language of the porter, a laxative to cure a cold? Really?

She caught cold on her honeymoon
BRIDE: Wouldn’t you know? I’m catching cold! Guess I’ll arrive saying, “Califordia, here I cub.”

GROOM: What you need — pronto — is a laxative and something to help counteract acidity. If only…

PORTER: Pahdon me, fo’ overhearin’ yo’, but Sal Hepatica does BOTH dose things. It’s a min’ral salt laxative and it helps Nature counteract acidity, too. Las’ trip a doctah tole me.

GROOM: Well, honey, here’s California. Got everything?

BRIDE: Everything except that cold. Lets tip that porter double for telling us about Sal Hepatica. Lucky for me he had Sal Hepatica on board!

1. Cleanse the intestinal tract.
2. Help Nature counteract acidity.
Sal Hepatica does BOTH!

Constipation Made Husband Draggy (Nov, 1936)

Just out of curiosity, what would be an example of a laxative that is habit forming?

Constipation Made Husband Draggy

HE just didn’t feel like work or play. Always draggy and worn out—often cross and irritable. But like so many women, his wife knew about Nature’s Remedy (NR Tablets). She put him wise. He found out what an astonishing difference there was in this purely vegetable laxative. Not merely partial relief. Instead thorough, cleansing action that aided in ridding his system of poisonous waste, refreshed him, made him feel like a “million.” Try NR Tablets yourself. Note how gentle they are and non-habit forming. 25 tablets —25 cents at any


Ever Had Your Colon “House Cleaned?” (Nov, 1934)

Once, by my Roomba, but we both promised never to speak of it again.

Ever Had Your Colon “House Cleaned?”

Large Per Cent, of All Ills and Ailments Have Their Source in the Neglected “Cellar” of the Human Body

IT’S only natural to neglect the cellar of the house, the part you don’t see. Yet, as a matter of fact it’s more important to keep the cellar clean and airy than any other part of the house.

The colon, or large intestine, may be called the cellar of the human body. It’s there the rubbish or waste matter from digested food collects for passage out of the body—only the body waste is no mere rubbish, but highly toxic or poisonous waste.

Prunola (Mar, 1922)



“PRUNOLA” is an ideal combination of two of California’s most wholesome fruits, retaining their full nutritive values. It is an excellent blood and tissue builder, rich in natural fruit sugar, olive oil, basic mineral elements and vitamines. It is a natural laxative food.


We want you to know how good and healthful Carque’s unsulphured fruits are and as a special trial offer we will send you postpaid the following assortment, all for $1.00.

1/2 lb. pkg. Prunola
6 oz. ” Black Mission Figs
7 ” ” Smyrna Type
2 ” ” Fruit Laxative
2 ” ” Nut Fruto

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Wow, those people really like laxatives, look at how happy they are!

ALL-Vegetable Makes the Difference
Thousands of modern men and women in all parts of America have turned to Nature’s Remedy, NR Tablets for dependable, yet gentle relief, when a laxative is needed. They know that the all-vegetable idea is so right. They find an NR at night produces thorough morning regularity with no perturbing effects. It’s so kind to the svstem.
Try NR at our expense. 25 tablets only 25c. Buy a box at any drug store. Try them. If not completely satisfied, return box with unused tablets to us. We will refund your money plus postage.