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IN this department are printed letters from readers on various scientific and related topics.

It matters not whether your letter is complimentary or whether it is a brickbat, we will publish it just as readily. We want your comments—your opinions—on topics connected with this magazine. No attention will be paid to unsigned letters, nor are letters answered by mail. Worth-while letters are published here every month.

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More Radio!

Although I am not a subscriber to your magazine, I never miss a copy of it at the newsstands. Your mag is one of the best on the market, and yet there are ways of improving it.

To be a radio operator, set builder, service man , or what have you, you must have patience, We, the radio hams of the United States, have been patient long enough while you let the greedy chemists hog all the articles. For the last four or five months I haven’t seen a worth-while radio article, while look at those good ones that were published last year.