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Cut Your Cost of Candlepower (Sep, 1914)

Cut Your Cost of Candlepower

The same quantity of electricity that makes 16 candlepower of light in an old fashioned carbon lamp will make 56 candlepower in a National Mazda lamp,—
—more than triple light for equal cost!
—40 candlepower absolutely free!

The Pepsi Light (Jan, 1969)

The Pepsi Light

WITH two Pepsi cans and a scrounged piece of aluminum channel you can build our Pepsi Light for under $5. It uses high-intensity bulbs like the mini lights but operates on 117 volts and needs no transformer, as do the minis. You could use beer or other soft-drink cans but then you might have a Bud Light or a Coke Light.

New German Developments in Airport Lighting Devices (Apr, 1931)

New German Developments in Airport Lighting Devices

TWO much needed aids to night flying have recently been developed in Germany. The first of these is the illuminated wind vane. The old type wind-sock was, of course, invisible at night, and almost so in daylight unless its location was familiar to the aviators using the airport. The new vane, on the contrary, may be seen for miles.

Traveling Electric Light Plant Aids San Francisco Fire-Fighters (Aug, 1929)

Traveling Electric Light Plant Aids San Francisco Fire-Fighters

GENERATING a 10-kilowatt electric current, this traveling electric light plant shown below is the latest aid to San Francisco firemen. It provides enough current to efficiently operate five 1,000 watt searchlights, mounted on top of the truck. They can be turned in any direction and are of valuable use in night fires breaking out in tall buildings.

Holiday Lighting Magic (Jan, 1942)

Holiday Lighting Magic

Here are some original suggestions for attractive home Christmas displays.

by Earle Gage

THIS holiday season, as never before, homes and communities throughout the land will burst forth into magical greeting, as home craftsmen fabricate and illuminate new and brilliant displays. The festive spirit of the season and the gay atmosphere of gala events will live in sparkling, colorful lights.

Holiday lighting presents unlimited opportunities for the home craftsman to exercise his imagination and ingenuity. Standard wired materials and lamps lend themselves to many combinations to give new designs and arrangements of displays, both inside and outside homes.

Magnetic Light Bulbs Leap Into Sockets (Dec, 1955)

Magnetic Light Bulbs Leap Into Sockets
Five turns are required to fit an ordinary light bulb into its socket, and five more turns are required to remove it. But now a new bulb with a magnetic base that virtually jumps into place has been developed to eliminate all this twisting. The socket contains a permanent magnet, and the base of the bulb is a metal plate which is attracted to it. No current is needed to energize the magnet. The bulb is expected to be useful in maintenance of large buildings, where a number of bulbs must be changed each day. For example, the Pentagon, the world’s largest office building, is illuminated by 68,000 fixtures, and 1200 of these bulbs must be replaced each day. Manpower savings also could be effected in maintaining theater marquees.

Sun Machine Lightens Hotel Rooms (Dec, 1936)

Sun Machine Lightens Hotel Rooms
A NOVEL sun machine for providing brighter day lighting in rooms of apartments and hotels is being tested at the Park Lane Hotel in New York City. A master mirror at the top of the machine follows the sun and reflects sunshine to room windows. Jacques Arthuys is the inventor.

Modern Magic in Light (Oct, 1927)

Modern Magic in Light

“Music” Played by Colors, Statues Dance to Help Solve Problems of Illumination


THE marvels of light from its crude yesterdays to its present brilliance, with a glimpse of future splendors that now seem quite incredible, are shown to visitors at a unique permanent exhibition. It is a museum and a laboratory with a factory adjacent. We see what has been, is and may be in the field of illumination.

Light used to be regarded as just something to see by. Here we find it is a force, a substance, an aesthetic material.

Who-o-o-o-o (Aug, 1933)


YES, who? . . . When the shapes and shadows of night hide a million mysteries. . . . When strange, spine-chilling noises freeze us with fright. . . . Who doesn’t wish for the comforting companionship of a strong, bright light?

You’ll he sure your flashlight will work when you want it—if it’s loaded with Eveready Flashlight Batteries! They last longer and stay brighter, because they’re entirely encased in metal. Even the tops are metal!



If a San Francisco motorist on the road at night sees a white-clad motorcyclist draw alongside and hold up his hand, it does not mean that he is to be handed a summons. The motorcyclist is a headlight repair man. Four of them, distinguished from policemen by their unusual costumes, are now patrolling the city’s streets looking for cars with one or more lights out. When one of these riders spies a prospective customer, he stops him and offers to replace the defective headlight at a nominal fee. Usually the driver accepts as this is cheaper than continuing and getting a summons.