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Twenty Walls for Better Lights… (Jan, 1948)

Twenty Walls for Better Lights…

This shell is half of an icosahedron—a fancy word for a 20-sided room—used by Westinghouse engineers to test new street-lighting fixtures. When the technician above has adjusted the globe enclosing a bulb, the other half of the odd-shaped room is attached, and multiple walls give an even distribution of light. Brightness is then measured by a photocell mounted in a window at one side. For comparison, a bare bulb is similarly tested in the auxiliary socket at left.

Flashlight Weapon Invented (Mar, 1937)

Flashlight Weapon Invented
A COMBINATION flashlight gun has been invented by V. Merifield, of the Los Angeles, Calif., police department. At the pressing of a trigger the device ejects a spray of ammonia or gas from a jet to disable any suspect who might attempt to draw a weapon when the flashlight is aimed.

The novel gun weighs only six ounces, has fewer than a dozen parts, and is practically indestructible. Jet and light are controlled by separate triggers. One filling provides 20 shots of gas.

MAKE THIS Squirrel Lamp (Sep, 1933)

MAKE THIS Squirrel Lamp

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ILLUMINATING Band Uniforms and Batons (Oct, 1940)

ILLUMINATING Band Uniforms and Batons

AT NIGHT performances, the Willoughby, Ohio, High School band arouses much favorable comment by the spectacular use of illuminated batons and uniforms. Stadium or auditorium lights are turned out, and the band-uniform lamps and illuminated batons instantly turned on. The light display, with the music, provides an impressive spectacle. Miniature electric lamps and batteries of the flash-light type make the stunt possible, and any band can duplicate the effect without difficulty.

Tax Return Spelunking (Jul, 1952)

Cap Lights Illuminate Warehouse
Office employees at a Government warehouse in Chicago look more like miners than clerks. The warehouse is used to store Government records. Instead of going to the expense of installing a new lighting system which would have cost an estimated $20,000, officials have provided cap lights for the clerks who search through the records. The lights are operated by rechargeable batteries and provide more than adequate illumination.