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The Lisa Computer System – Apple designs a new kind of machine (Feb, 1983)

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Next week I have similar reviews coming for the Apple //e and the original Macintosh.

The Lisa Computer System – Apple designs a new kind of machine

Gregg Williams Senior Editor

I had an interesting conversation with an engineer on a recent flight from San Francisco to New York. He knew only a little about microcomputers, but he was aware that their presence is slowly becoming more common in the workplace. “Sure, the industry is healthy, but it’s still only reaching a few people,” he said. “Most people won’t use computers — they’re afraid of them, they don’t know what to use them for, or it’s too much trouble to use them. Before computers become really profitable, they’re going to have to be very easy to use. They have to be simpler. They’ve got to be useful in the office.”

He continued, “We’ve got to stop using paper — which means the computer has to do word processing, filing, electronic mail, everything — or it’ll be too much trouble having some things on the computer and others on paper. Then you’ve got to be able to talk to other computers — other computers like yours and some big corporate computer that’s halfway across the country. Sure, it’s a lot of stuff, but when you get all that together, then you’ll see computers really take off.”