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Once a week do this…. (Apr, 1930)

Wow, Martin Short is older than I thought.

Once a week do this….

Invigorates scalp . . . CHECKS DANDRUFF WHENEVER you wash your hair—and most people do it once a week—douse full strength Listerine on the scalp either before or after the rinse. Then mas-sage the scalp and hair vigorously for several minutes. You will be simply delighted by the wonderful feeling of cleanness and scalp exhilaration that follows this treatment.

IF YOU WANT THE LADIES TO LIKE YOU, Clip this Coupon (Aug, 1939)


Lambert Pharmacal Co., Dept. 55, St. Louis, Mo.
Please send me free and postpaid your large sample tube of ? Listerine Shaving Cream; ? Listerine Brushless Cream. (Check whichever is desired.)

“The loser’s stuck to take her home” (Dec, 1936)

“The loser’s stuck to take her home”

THE very boys who used to seek her out, now match to see who will be “stuck” to take her home. That’s what halitosis (bad breath) can do to a girl, without her ever suspecting the reason for the sudden change in her fortunes. Too bad that this offensive condition doesn’t announce itself to the victim instead of to the victim’s friends.

YOU 5,000,000 WOMEN WHO WANT TO GET MARRIED: How’s Your Breath Today? (Nov, 1934)

YOU 5,000,000 WOMEN WHO WANT TO GET MARRIED: How’s Your Breath Today?

5,000,000 young women become of marriageable age this year… How many of them, we wonder, will make the grade?

One thing is certain; they can’t expect to attract and hold men if they nave halitosis (unpleasant breath). It nullifies every other charm.

Everyone is likely to have halitosis at one time or another, when that time comes, you won’t realize it, because halitosis does not announce itself to its victim.

Infectious Dandruff? Try Rubbing Listerine in Your Hair! (Sep, 1953)

Infectious Dandruff?

Go after the germs with Listerine Antiseptic and Massage… Quick!

Those flakes and scales on coat shoulder—especially if they persist—may be symptoms of infectious dandruff and the millions of germs that go with it.

Don’t delay or experiment with untested methods. Get staffed at once with Listerine Antiseptic and massage twice-a-day and keep it up. This is the tested way that has helped so many… may help you.

Listerine Cures Everything (Feb, 1932)

The used to recommend Listerine for everything. It reminds me of Chris Rock’s Robitussin routine

“COUGH, you chump.. it’s all your own fault”

Now millions prevent colds by twice-a-day Listerine Gargle 66% reduction shown in tests

Now people are beginning to realize that if they have a cold they have only themselves to blame.

They are learning that ordinary colds can frequently be prevented . . . their number often reduced 50% and sometimes 66%. One cold a year instead of three.

Ad: Listerine Toothpaste (Feb, 1937)


“If their teeth are exceptional it’s a safe guess they use Listerine Tooth Paste”

More than 1/4 POUND of tooth paste in the double size tube • 40 cents
Regular size tube, 25 cents

IN all of these United States, there is no man who knows beauty, and beautiful teeth particularly, more certainly than John Robert Powers.

Through his office, in one day, pass more beautiful women than Ziegfeld saw in a year. For this able young businessman’s job is the selection of flawless models, for work in the great New York commercial studios and for the sound stages of Hollywood. Mr. Powers is right when he says that, if models’ teeth are exceptional, it is a safe guess that they use Listerine Tooth Paste.

Rub Listerine on Your Face After Shaving (Oct, 1927)


Have you ever tried Listerine after shaving? You will like it.

We are so certain of this that we are willing to risk the cost of this page to tell you about it.