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He Found a Lobster-Pot of Gold (Jul, 1952)

He Found a Lobster-Pot of Gold

Ed Myers migrated from Princeton to Maine and he found it paid off to send live lobsters on long trips, too.

By H. W. Kellick

“YOU’RE crazy!” lobstermen told Ed Myers when he informed them he was going to ship live Maine lobsters direct to homes of seafood lovers all over the country.

“Who ever heard of selling live lobsters by mail!” friends chided.

“It’s utterly impossible,” the experts advised.

The Something-Out-Of-Nothing Man (Dec, 1941)

The Something-Out-Of-Nothing Man

Ralph Barter Has Made A Fortune Out Of The Things People Didn’t Want I Read How This Down East Rothschild Overcame The Handicap Of Losing An Arm—And, In So Doing, Made Himself Into An Institution I

by Bud Martin

“LAD ’tis best you leave the islands.”

George Barter spoke to his twenty-six-year-old son just back from World War 1, minus an arm lost in the Argonne. “You’ve been a good lobsterman, but the old days and the old ways can never be again for you. A seagull can’t soar with one wing, and a man can’t handle a pitching smallboat with one hand. Better forget it.”