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Mental Mysteries (May, 1938)

Mental Mysteries

Why do Diving Rods, Psychic Motors, Ouija Boards, Gold Finding Bobs, Sex Detectors and similar pieces of apparatus function with remarkable results in the hands of some operatives, yet science has proven that these things are fakes?

FOR hundreds of years, people have purchased all sorts of mystic devices for the purpose of foretelling their futures, or jim-cracks intended for the location of oil, water and precious metals.

A common form of mystic locating device is a forked witch-hazel twig, commonly called a devining rod which, in the hands of an operator generally called a “bowser,” has been used for centuries for the location of water. In later years its operatives encompassed wider fields and used the divining rod for locating oil, precious minerals, lost articles, lost airplanes, and even the bodies of people drowned in lakes.

Making Magic for Magicians (Jan, 1931)

Making Magic for Magicians

“I know it’s a trick, but who invents all of those gadgets?” you no doubt say as you watch a magician perform. This story tells you about the man who devotes his life to inventing these tricks. .

“With your kind attention, ladies and gentlemen,” says the magician as he arches his Mephistophelian brow, “I shall endeavor to perform one of the most difficult tricks of magic ever seen in this country, or anywhere else in the universe.”

A tense, silent audience is spellbound. Every eye is riveted on every move the magician makes. The dimly-lighted stage adds to the enthralling mystery.

Magic and Mystery for Party Fun (Nov, 1936)

Magic and Mystery for Party Fun

With little practice this series of stunts can be mastered to provide party guests a delightful evening. Their presentation requires no elaborate apparatus.

SUPPOSING that some evening when invited out to a friend’s house party you were able to stand up before the crowd and hold them spellbound for an hour or more performing mystifying feats of magic. Magical illusions need not be elaborate in order to be effective as you will learn from this group of stunts. A little practice before a mirror and the effectiveness of the magic will even startle you.

“SPIRIT TELEVISION” – Latest Trick of Fake Spiritualists (Sep, 1939)

“SPIRIT TELEVISION” – Latest Trick of Fake Spiritualists

QUICK to adapt their technique to modern styles, fake spiritualists have now introduced “psychic television” to cajole money from those who have suffered bereavement. Promised a view of a loved one who has passed away, the medium’s intended victim is seated before a window in a small, ornate cabinet resembling a television receiver. He writes the name of the dead person upon a blank sheet of paper, which is handed to him on a frame and then placed in the machine. The room darkens. A humming sound is heard from the apparatus.

Exposing Houdini’s Tricks of Magic (Nov, 1929)

Exposing Houdini’s Tricks of Magic


The mechanic who made Houdini’s Trick Magic Apparatus

Harry Houdini, Prince of Magicians, carried with him to the grave the secrets of his extraordinary feats of illusion. Only one man, the artisan who made his magic apparatus, knows the working secrets of Houdini’s most mystifying stunts. That man, Mr. R. D. Adams, continues here his fascinating expose of the master magician’s methods.

HOUDINI was a master at the art of obtaining free publicity. No performer ever put on as many free shows for the purpose of breaking into print, and for that matter, few if any, were ever as liberal as he in the matter of entertaining lodges and other groups without charge. Many times he risked death in his publicity seeking stunts.

Chinese Magic (Dec, 1930)

Nothing says “Chinese Magic” like the Tarbell System!

Chinese Magic
Learn at Home, By Mail! Easily! Quickly!

NOW! — if you act quick!— you can learn magic, real professional magic, direct from the world-famous magic wizard, Dr. Harlan Tarbell, the man who has trained many of our most prominent magicians. He has developed a new simple course, that enables any man or woman who can read or write to learn magic—easily.and quickly, at home, by mail. Why envy others? Make them envy YOU! Learn magic!

Popular Magic by Dunninger (May, 1938)

Popular Magic by Dunninger

Joseph Dunninger, celebrated “mentalist” and magician, whose articles appear exclusively in this publication, is the world’s foremost society entertainer, and has appeared before more celebrities than any of his contemporaries. Among those he has mystified are President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ex-Presidents William Howard Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover and Theodore Roosevelt, H. R. H. Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIM), Thomas A. Edison, etc.

THE weird and astounding effect created by the mystery here described is truly remarkable. Representing a “psychic” manifestation, the trick is far more impressive than many of the better conjuring problems.

DIY Voodoo Kit (Sep, 1956)


IF YOU know somebody who always beats you at croquet or who likes to swat you on the head and call you, “Old aardvark”—and who doesn’t know someone like that?— then what you need is a voodoo kit. With this you’ll spend many happy hours sticking needles into a little doll and pretending it’s your playmate. Voodoo is West Indian for black magic, which is the art of inflicting pain, sickness, death and bad luck by remote control.

Student Creates Cave of Magic in Cellar (Nov, 1935)

Student Creates Cave of Magic in Cellar

IN A SUBTERRANEAN retreat that he has built in the cellar of his home, John H. Schall, Jr., twenty-three-year-old medical student of Brooklyn, N. Y., pursues his spare-time hobbies of magic and chemistry. Colored lights and ingenious theatrical effects, devised for the entertainment of his friends, provide a setting suited to represent an imaginary meeting place of alchemists and sorcerers.

Mechanics of Magic (Apr, 1934)

Mechanics of Magic


AN electric lamp, consisting of a tubular fixture, containing a battery, with a switch operable from the bottom, and a small globe, socketed beneath an inverted glass hood (such as illustrated) has recently been placed upon the market, and is securable at every large electrical supply house.

Should the mechanically inclined reader, however, prefer, the diagram will enable him to construct one of these, with but little difficulty. As will be noticed, the lighting and extinguishing of the bulb depends upon the plungerlike projecting peg arrangement at the bottom of the fixture. An excellent “spirit” effect is obtained by causing this light to mystically go on and off, guided, apparently, only by the will of the wonder worker.