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How I Learned JUJITSU (Oct, 1921)

How I Learned JUJITSU

In 30 Minutes And My Sensational Experience in Using It By Kirtland Bowen

“KIRT, I’m a Pink-eyed Hyena if that follow weighed more than 125 pounds! Yet the little cuss made big ‘Tubby’ Williams seem like a paralyzed hippopotamus!”

This was but part of the highly colored description Steve Clark gave me of the match at the Athletic Club the night before. But the whole story certainly struck a responsive chord in me. As a matter of fact any story in which a little fellow got the better of a bigger and stronger man always had an extraordinary fascination for me.

SUPER JU JITSU (Dec, 1942)


NOW— You Can Destroy Your Enemy Quick!

BE A ONE-MAN BLITZ! Strike with Commando lightning! You don’t need ox-like muscles to use Super Ju Jitsu, most powerful of all defense and attack methods. Technique is the deadly secret. Brains count—not size, not strength. Almost miraculously efficient.

I’ll Make You a Master of CHINESE KUNG-FU (Feb, 1970)

I’ll Make You a Master of CHINESE KUNG-FU
…the Oriental ART of INSTANTANEOUS DEATH that is applied with NO Bodily Contact

the Chinese method of Attack and Self-Defense kept so secret that it has been handed down in China only from father to son because of its DEADLY power to disable or kill! Now these devastatingly brilliant secrets that require NO PHYSICAL STRENGTH OR EXERTION are revealed to you in the English language by a KUNG-FU Master who dares to teach you AT HIS RISK!

DIM MAK – “The Death Touch” (Feb, 1970)

DIM MAK – “The Death Touch”

in this exclusive book!


The BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY is the WORLD’S DEADLIEST FIGHTING ORGANIZATION which has included in its closed membership the top fighting experts of the DREADED CHINESE TONG SOCIETY – the oriental, and more vicious counterpart of the Mafia.

Learn Karate (Jul, 1973)




In the shortest time you can learn the fantastic secrets of self-defense and you’ll never be afraid again! This unique Home Course will reveal hundreds of fighting secrets that you can put to immediate use. Easy and exciting to learn, you’ll be able to master any difficult situation. In less than 15 minutes a day, the knowledge of the World’s Top Fighting Experts can be Yours!! Regardless of your age, you can master this TOTAL SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEM! It doesn’t require muscles or size to be a MASTER at self-defense, but it does require KNOW-HOW!! The knowledge of Karate has enabled small, slight men to successfully and completely protect themselves from men twice their size; in just seconds the Karate Master can completely immobilize any attacker-destroying him!