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Hottest Thing in Industry (Jan, 1947)

There is a lot to love in this article: the giant Radarange microwave oven that is “smaller than a refrigerator” to the Speedy Weeny hot dog vending machine. I think my favorite however is the caption for the Speedy Weeny where they refer to a hot dog as a “fido”. It’s has a level of indirection worthy of Cockney Slang.

Hottest Thing in Industry


STOCKY John Bulkeley showed the world what a P-T boat could do to a jap warship and the United States Navy was sold solid on the little torpedo sling-shots.

Messages clattered from the Pacific to the Pentagon in those early days of the war with Japan: “Give us P-T boats,” the Admirals cried.

War production chiefs swung into action. Orders, triple-stamped with the highest priorities, whirled through the topmost echelons and shot out to the shipyards. Builders rolled up their sleeves and went to work. The Navy waited impatiently.

Time passed, the Japs swallowed up, island after island in their seemingly inexorable sweep and again the admirals flashed Washington:

Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds (May, 1968)

Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds

People on the go will welcome an oven that makes cooking chores a pleasure. Imagine a “piping hot” TV dinner (frozen) in 3 and 1/2 minutes* instead of 20 to 50 minutes. Bake a potato in 5 minutes* instead of 60 minutes. Fry crisp bacon in 90 seconds on a paper plate. Great for those left overs. Countertop designed. Works on 115 vac house circuit. Write for folder. $545.00

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