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Now…choose your vocational training! (Feb, 1959)

Now…choose your vocational training!

new “choose-it-yourself” training system guarantees CHOICE, not chance.

Now you can pick the vocational training you like! Under the Army’s new “choose-it-yourself” Vocational Training System, you choose your vocational training … and it’s guaranteed before you enlist. Here’s your opportunity to get valuable training and practical experience in the kind of work you enjoy!

You Fly to Work – IN THE US ARMY AIRBORNE! (Aug, 1951)


That’s how the Airborne gets there “fustest with the mostest” … on the wings of huge transports carrying the finest fighting men in the U. S. Army.

They rate this praise, too. Each one is a volunteer. Each one has had a full course of basic training.. Each one has been polished to perfection in an Army jump school. When they mount that transport, they’re ready to go!

HOW MUCH IS ∛258916? (Oct, 1946)

HOW MUCH IS ∛2589¹⁶
The Army’s ENIAC can give you the answer in a fraction off a second!

Think that’s a stumper? You should see some of the ENIAC’s problems! Brain twisters that if put to paper would run off this page and feet beyond… addition, subtraction, multiplication, division — square root, cube root, any root. Solved by an incredibly complex system of circuits operating 18,000 electronic tubes and tipping the scales at 30 tons!