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He Makes Mink Telephones (May, 1950)

Two words I’m sure I’ve never said together: “Mink Bathtub”

He Makes Mink Telephones

By H. W. Kellick

AL TEITELBAUM, a Hollywood furrier, was showing Dorothy Lamour some of the glamorous mink skins he was using in making up a fancy mink coat for the film star. As they chatted, Al happened to drape a few of the skins over his desk telephone.

“Why,” Dorothy cried, “that’s simply stunning! And so different, too!”

“What in the world are you talking about?” Al asked.

“Can’t you see? A mink-upholstered telephone! What a unique Christmas gift that would make!”

Mink Typewriter (Sep, 1956)

MINK-CLAD typewriter of Hollywood star Shirley Jones, is used to answer her host of fan letters with warm replies.