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Travel in your Home (Sep, 1936)

Travel in your Home

This deluxe home on wheels contains every convenience of the modern home—and some not found even there.

THE French inventor, Loubet, who holds a record number of patents on practical sporting and traveling equipment, has recently demonstrated the latest of his constructions for the benefit of people who like to travel and take their homes with them.

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation (Oct, 1937)

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation

HIS home on wheels, mounted upon a 1-1/2-ton truck chassis, is the newest thing in the motor world.

This type of unit provides ample room within for complete equipment but is much more easily handled and parked than the regular trailers, inasmuch as it is unified.

Fold-Up Homes Travel With You (Oct, 1952)

Fold-Up Homes Travel With You


TODAY’S home designers have reached into the seven seas, borrowed an old habit from the turtle, and come up with houses you can carry with you. The result is compact, demountable, low-cost portable homes which come neatly packaged, ready to be hauled down the nation’s highways—perhaps even behind the family car.