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Old-Time Railroad is His Backyard Hobby (Apr, 1948)

Old-Time Railroad is His Backyard Hobby

By John Edwin Hogg

ON Ardendale Road, north of San Gabriel, California, passing motorists are treated to a sight which makes them stare, blink their eyes, and then stare again.

Puffing through the orange groves they see a ghost of the past. It is the locomotive, “Sidney Dillon,” gaudily painted and guilded relic of one of the most romantic eras in railroading’s history.

NEW IN SCIENCE (May, 1950)


High Soarer: the Switchette in the right hand of Mrs. Dolores Mohlmann reached an altitude of 250 miles—higher than any other man-made article. It was attached to a two-stage rocket (model in left hand) and was used to discharge a smaller rocket at an altitude of 20 miles. Portion of tail section with this gadget was found at White Sands.

Mr. Cooper’s Miniature Steamer (May, 1956)

Mr. Cooper’s Miniature Steamer

From cab to cowcatcher this baby iron horse is all there.

Photographed for MI by Peter Gowland.

FOR W.A. COOPER of Arcadia, Calif., an ex-Canadian Pacific machinist, small steam locomotives have been a lifetime preoccupation. At 14 he built a model engine entirely of wood; the smooth little American 4-4-0 he now operates is a far cry from that.