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I Can Your Catch for Cash (Aug, 1951)

I Can Your Catch for Cash

My game-fish-canning idea is now a big business. Sportsmen say ii answers every fisherman’s prayer.

By Phillip Thurmond as told to Lee Edson

THERE may be fishermen who duck at the sight of a game warden but I’m not one of them. Wardens are my best friends. In fact, I wouldn’t be in my present unusual business if it hadn’t been for the imagination and encouragement of the marine warden of Eureka, California.

How to Make Money from Money (May, 1951)

How to Make Money from Money

With coin-collecting know-how and a sharp eye, you can turn pennies into dollar bills.

By Lester David

THE man pressed his nose against the window of the curio shop in New York City. His eyes were attracted by a peculiar chunk of metal which gleamed dully from the cluttered assortment of bric-a-brac and jewelry.

He strolled inside, asked for the object and turned it over and over curiously. It seemed to be just a rectangular block of gold, an inch and a quarter long and three-quarters of an inch thick. The price? Just a few dollars. He bought it, then spent the next two years finding out what it was.

His Knees Are His Fortune (Oct, 1949)

Up until I actually read the article I thought those were animal legs.

Tom passed away in 1998.

His Knees Are His Fortune

By Frank Rose

THOMAS Gaskins of Palmdale, Fla., spends a good part of his time looking for unusual knees—and his wife doesn’t mind a bit! In fact, she encourages him.

However, the knees he’s seeking are not the Grable-type that adorn the female form. They’re the exotic growths that spring up from the roots of the cypress tree.

It all started back in 1934. Gaskins was fed up with his job as salesman for a chemical company. He wanted a business of his own, but he couldn’t hit upon anything that suited his limited capital.

Grow “ERMINE” Coats in Back Yard Rabbit Hutch (Sep, 1932)

Be sure to check out the picture of the little girl dressed head to toe in rabbit skins on page 4. She looks like a character out of the Flintstones.

Grow “ERMINE” Coats in Back Yard Rabbit Hutch

Furriers pay rabbit growers in United States over $30,000,000 a year for pelts, from which are made fur coats selling from $300 to $5,000 each. This article tells you how you set up in rabbit raising as a backyard pastime and reap the biggest profits from smallest outlay of cash.

by H. H. DUNN

MARY PALMER, who teaches school for $1,500 a year at San Diego, California, came out of the winter of 1930-31, with the determination to have a fur coat for the next winter.

“If I start saving now, and go in debt a little in the fall, I can get myself one of those $300 coats for a Christmas present,” she told her father.

“If you will give me an hour of your time every day, from now until next October,” replied her father, “I will give you a fur coat that you cannot buy for five times $300 and it will cost not more than $30, probably half that amount.”

As a matter of fact, for this is a true story, Mary’s father produced the fur coat on the date promised, and Mary sold it for $650 to a furrier, who, in turn, sold it for $1575. Then Mary’s father gave her another just like it. The total cost of the coats to Mr. Palmer was less than $15 each, and, with their trimmings, they represented an actual outlay of not more than $35 each.

Big Profit Restringing Rackets (Apr, 1934)

Big Profit Restringing Rackets

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His Business is Laying An Egg (Mar, 1952)

I think that an “Eggs Laid While You Wait” place would make a killing in Brooklyn today.

His Business is Laying An Egg

Everybody knows a tree grows in Brooklyn, but it took Murray Weiss’ egg farm to prove that hens could thrive there, too.

By H. W. Kellick

THERE’S a chicken ranch deep in the heart of Brooklyn where hens lay eggs while you wait.

More than 3,500 white leghorns working on the fowl line in this indoor farm deliver about 130 dozen eggs daily. And they are sold direct to the consumer.

The indoor farm, known as the Weiss-Way Egg Farm, is an idea developed by Murray Weiss. A former farmer and graduate in husbandry of the New Jersey State Agricultural School, Weiss conducts his business on a purely scientific system.

Comical Mouse Circus Brings in a Steady Income (Nov, 1933)

Comical Mouse Circus Brings in a Steady Income

Troupe of little mice cavorting about in this freak circus displayed in merchant’s windows will attract huge crowds of passers-by—and net one a neat profit.

HERE is a money-making idea that is worth at least five hundred dollars of any man’s money. It is a veritable gold mine for any man who has even the tiniest spark of mechanical ingenuity—and it has been thoroughly tested and proven as a cash-getter.

It’s a mouse circus, using trained mice which aren’t trained!

Its usefulness is in creating a window attraction for stores in all lines of business. Two days’ trial on merit will convince any of ’em.

Its cost is slightly over two dollars per circus, and each circus rents for a minimum of three dollars per week to merchants. Upkeep is practically nil.