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Braving the INFERNO of a VOLCANO (Aug, 1933)

Sure, they say they’re doing research, but we all know they’re just sacrificing animals to appease the volcano gods.

Braving the INFERNO of a VOLCANO

Amazing plan to descend flaming crater hanging in cage from a derrick!

LOWERED to a depth of a thousand feet in the boiling, fume-filled crater of Mt. Mihara, near Tokio, Japan, scientists who are now carrying out an amazing program of volcanic investigations will hang in a tiny metal cage over a bubbling flood of molten lava, suspended only by a thin steel cable. Details of the device are given in the accompanying drawing. A live monkey, guinea pigs and rabbits were used in testing the toxicity of the volcano’s gases. Mt. Mikara is a favorite spot for suicides, 50 people having leaped to their death since January first.