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ADAM and EVE in PLASTIC (Nov, 1950)


SCIENCE is resurrecting Adam and Eve but the 1950 editions are a bit different from the originals. Talking, transparent reproductions of a woman and man which reveal in natural color every detail of the human anatomy are being built in Germany for exhibition at London’s British Food Fair.

Recorded lectures will seem to be the voices of the statues as they deliver talks on health, diet and hygiene while various parts of the anatomy light up to demonstrate specific points. Statues are the brainchildren of scientist Franz Tschackert.

Model Monsters (Aug, 1945)

Model Monsters

Copied live or more times lifeline. ordinary insects are earful, fantastic creatures.


Senior Technician, Department of Insects and Spiders, American Museum of Natural History AMONG the most startling exhibits in a museum of natural history are enlarged models of small or microscopic creatures which, though always with us, commonly pass unnoticed or unseen. A housefly as big as a house-cat is a terrifying object, with a weird blank face like the mask of a Martian monster, and an uncouth coat of spines. A flea, made large enough to serve six at dinner, stands revealed as most admirably streamlined, and thus enabled to slip unimpeded between hairs.