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NEW PRODUCTS (May, 1982)


High-resolution computer, HP-87, has user memory that can be increased from a built-in 32K bytes to 544K bytes The system comes with 32K bytes of user RAM. 48K bytes of Basic language in ROM, and 16K bytes of RAM devoted to the display.

Newest Devices For the General Use (Mar, 1936)

Newest Devices For the General Use

Knitter’s Yarn Cage.

SINCE knitting is ever popular, here is a friend for the lady. It is a material the makers call “non-inflammable rayon” and, indeed, similar, but not a thread. It is white and shiny and keeps the yarn straight as it hangs from the knitter’s wrist.

NEW PRODUCTS (Nov, 1955)


1. Kwik-Sand unit tits drill presses, lathes, etc. Standard 5-inch abrasive disks can be clamped onto unit in a matter of seconds.

2. TV Duette replaces small, side mounted speaker, resulting in increased frequency range; can be used for other hi-fi units.

3. Portable hi-fi speaker enclosure, designed for outdoor use. Fiberglas insulated bass reflex compartment for 8 or 12-inch speakers.

5. Hardwood legs, in various lengths, for straight or flare mounting. Steel bracket screws into furniture, legs fasten to bracket.