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World’s Largest Vertical Letter File (Oct, 1937)

World’s Largest Vertical Letter File

THE largest vertical letter file in the world was built in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It consists of 3,000 drawers, 10 feet high, reaching from floor to ceiling and covering approximately 4,000 square feet. The drawers are all equipped with roller bearings.

New Type of Filing Cabinet Affords Speed and Accuracy (Jul, 1929)

Sadly, these two women later lost their jobs to robots. (video)

New Type of Filing Cabinet Affords Speed and Accuracy

THESE girls, shown at right, don’t have to worry about taking reducing exercises. They are filing clerks in the office of the New York Life Insurance company, New York, and spend their working day climbing and moving the ladders shown.

Shelves That “Come to You” (Jul, 1961)

SQL ’61 was not nearly as useful as it’s later incarnations.

Shelves That “Come to You”

Rotating inside a large cabinet, motor-operated shelves save up to 50 percent of floor space and manual labor.

Since there are no drawer pull-outs, narrower aisles are permitted and, since the shelves operate with an automatic self-leveling, push-button operation, time is saved searching for the right shelf.

With up to 16 shelves, it can be operated from either sitting or standing position.

The Motorshelf is manufactured by Wheeldex & Simpla Products, Inc., 1000 N. Division St., Peekskill, N. Y.

Letter Chopper (Aug, 1935)

Unless you want someone to reconstruct your letter a few decades later, you’re still probably better burning your documents. Just ask the Stasi.

Letter Chopper

DON’T burn old papers now, but turn them into fine shreds, which nobody-can put together and read. That is now the German way of disposing of documents past their usefulness; a large manufacturer has produced the motor-driven machine above.