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Table-Top Oil Refinery For The Home Chemist (Feb, 1940)

Table-Top Oil Refinery FOR THE HOME CHEMIST


Mechanized Armies Make Oil Supply Vital,” “Shortage of Fats Imperils Nation at War”—headlines like these spotlight what used to be routine items in a country’s shopping list, and give them new interest for home-laboratory experimenters.

Envious eyes the world over turn toward our vast forests of oil derricks, and the rivers of crude oil that refineries turn into gasoline for vehicles of war and peace. What makes their enormous production possible is the modern “cracking” process for extracting gasoline. Once the crude oil was simply distilled to separate, in turn, the gasoline and other substances it contained. Today, in addition, by-products of the distillation are “cracked” or broken down into gasoline, doubling the total yield.

OIL – Modern WAR GOD Threatens the World (Feb, 1936)

Gee, things sure have changed a whole lot since then.

OIL – Modern WAR GOD Threatens the World

Black gold, precious underground liquid, is food for the modern war machine. Deprived of it, a nation’s military campaign is threatened with failure. Will oil become an instrument to enforce peace or to cause war?

WITHIN the last few decades, oil has changed from an almost unknown and unnecessary commodity to one of the world’s most vitally needed materials. Oil, unlike nitroglycerin, has always been an innocent, viscous fluid used for lubrication and fuel. But harmless petroleum, like Dr. Jekyll, has undergone a startling transformation. Oil may yet be the means whereby the flaming torch of war is carried across the world.

Pump Your Own Gas (Dec, 1939)

Pump Your Own Gas
If you’ve ever run out of gas late at night when gas stations were closed, you’ll appreciate this latest wrinkle in gasoline dispensing – the “Gasoteria”. The motorist drops coins into slots in the tank and may deliver gas directly into his car without the aid of an attendant. Should the tank be empty his money is returned automatically.