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NEW USES for old Fords Contest (May, 1929)

NEW USES for old Fords Contest

This contest is growing more popular each month! Readers of Modern Mechanics are invited to enter by sending in pictures of odd uses to which old Fords have been put, and, as a tribute to the versatility of old Tin Lizzie of fond memory, Modern Mechanics will offer $10 for every photo accepted for publication. Contest runs until further notice—no closing dates, so send in your photo now!

Many NEW USES For OLD FORDS (Mar, 1930)


Extraordinary uses ior the aged motor will make it useful over an indeterminate period.

Here is a farm power plant made from an old Model T Ford automobile. It operates a belt line and shaft for grinding feed, elevating corn and grain, cutting ensilage. It is also rigged up to operate a grindstone and emery wheel tool sharpeners. Such a power plant is of inestimable value on the farm as it can be adapted for a variety of uses.

New Uses for Old Fords Contest! (Jan, 1929) (Jan, 1929)

New Uses for Old Fords Contest!

MODERN MECHANICS will pay $10 for acceptable photos of every odd use to which old model T Fords have been put. The queer machines shown below are made from old “Tin Lizzies.”

UP IN Minnesota where the water is sky blue many sportsmen sojourn during the summer. These same sportsmen use motorboats and demand clear, weedless lakes from their hotel and resort keepers.

Winners in NEW USE for Old Fords Contest (Feb, 1929) (Feb, 1929)

Winners in NEW USE for Old Fords Contest

MODERN MECHANICS pays $10 for every acceptable photo and description of the odd uses to which old Tin Lizzies have been put. The machines shown below are all made from old Model T Fords.

DOWN at Iowa Park, Texas, is an old flivver motor which is enjoying a ripe old age puffing and grunting on half her lungs while the other half supply fresh ozone for tires which have lost the courage of their convictions.

New Uses for OLD FORDS (Nov, 1928) (Nov, 1928)

New Uses for OLD FORDS

Rescued from a grave in the junk heap, Tin Lizzie dons working clothes and makes money for the ingenious man who thinks of new ways to use her cheap and ample power.

Have you a new use for an old Ford? For all ideas published the editors of Modern Mechanics will pay five dollars—with a bonus for photos. Send in your ideas, giving full details.

SINCE the Ford Motor Company has ceased production on the universally known model T Ford car, millions of which are to be found in every corner of the world, many of these cars have drifted prematurely to vacant lots and garage junk heaps as an expectant public floods the Ford plant with a deluge of orders for the successor to the old design.