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Baby Bottles Feed Young Porkers (Apr, 1931)

Baby Bottles Feed Young Porkers

WHEN a family of his young porkers were orphaned at the age of two days, John Vincent, a farmer of Wayne, Michigan, constructed a novel feeding trough to supply the pigs with milk. The bottles were arranged on a board as shown below.

Finding Radium Inside a Pig (Jan, 1936)

Finding Radium Inside a Pig

RADIUM, used in hospital work inside tiny “needles,” may easily be mislaid; and a thousand dollars’ worth is almost invisible to the eye. Recently a tube disappeared from a hospital at Sioux Falls, S. D., and, though only 3/4″ x 1/16″, represented $3,000 value. A couple of scientists promptly improvised a radium finder from a glass flash and a strip of gold leaf and went over to the dumping ground. Strong indications of radioactivity —the leaf of gold in the homemade electroscope collapsing—were found whenever a certain pig was approached. So the pig was converted into sausage material, and in its stomach was found the little radium capsule— to the surprise of the pig’s proprietor.

The principle of the electroscope is that when it is charged, the same electrical polarity—whether positive or negative—is on the insulated metal rod through the stopper of sulphur, or other high insulator, and on the gold leaf attached to the rod. The gold leaf is repelled, and stands out at a high angle, until the electroscope is discharged. But if ultra-violet light, or radium rays, fall on the flask, the air inside it becomes ionized (electrified) and conductive; the charge immediately leaks off the rod and the leaf falls.

Sculptor Turns Lard into Pigs (Mar, 1939)

Sculptor Turns Lard into Pigs

With lard as his medium, a prominent Chicago sculptor, Charles Umlauf, recently executed one of his strangest commissions. The result of his labors was a piece of statuary from which a big pig and a little one grinned at visitors to an international livestock exhibition.