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Mechanical Ballot to Elect Next President (Nov, 1932)

Mechanical Ballot to Elect Next President

by Earle W. Gage

Hoover or Roosevelt—which will be our next president? Millions of voters will cast their ballots in November on a new ingenious machine which will baffle crooked voters and minimize the delay in learning who has been elected. Here is told the fascinating story of this machine and of its forebears devised by inventors of ancient times.

TRULY, magic-working mechanical wizardry shall select the next president of the United States, as millions of voters march to the election booth in November to cast their ballots.

“50,000,000 Votes for President!” is the popular slogan. Thanks to the genius of the engineer, who has perfected voting machinery of marvelous accuracy and precision, it is now possible to tabulate the greatest popular vote in history, announce the result and flash the news to the remotest hamlet in less than sixty minutes after the polls close.

Unshackle Him! (Nov, 1940)

Unshackle Him!

When “Ding” penned this cartoon some months ago, America’s great defense program was just beginning to roll. Today, industry has gone to war. Our powerful industrial giant is slipping free of his shackles and the smoke of activity is pluming from the nation’s factories. To provide our readers with an authoritative background against which to project the news of the day, POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY presents on the following pages the first of a series of dramatic articles revealing just how industry is being mobilized to arm Uncle Sam’s vast forces of defense for guarding our country against the danger of attack from any quarter.

Are Scientists Monsters? (Feb, 1949)

Are Scientists Monsters?

“Lord, what has happened to people’s thinking!” writes a Mr. R. C. C. of San Francisco, telling us how “shocked” he was to read artist-writer Frank Tinsley’s article, Atomic Duster . . . Deadliest Weapon, in the December issue. Quoting Mr. Tinsley’s statement that his atomic-powered, ramjet missile (see cut) is not pure dream dust but that such a weapon is mentioned in the latest progress report of the hush-hush Nuclear Energy for Propulsion of Aircraft project, the reader asks:

“How can a man have such a perverted mind as to call a weapon designed for wholesale cold-blooded murder progress? What right has science to create and release such forces under the guise of progress and jeopardize the life of every living thing?”