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114-M.P.H. Anti-Aircraft Combat Car In Production (Jan, 1942)

This is the Tucker Combat Car, designed by Preston Tucker.

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114-M.P.H. Anti-Aircraft Combat Car In Production

AN INNOVATION in defense against enemy aircraft is this “mobile anti-aircraft fortress,” now being manufactured for the U. S. Army by a Michigan firm. Unlike the usual aircraft defense battery, which can get but a comparatively few shots at an enemy plane as it swoops overhead, this unique “wheeled fortress” races along under the plane at speeds up to 114 miles per hour and can actually get in thousands of shots before the plane is out of range. Its four guns pour out a total of 5,220 shots per minute—an automatic 37 mm. cannon firing 120 shots per minute, and three machineguns firing 5,100 shots per minute.

Probably the world’s fastest “tank,” the combat car is entirely arc-welded.