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What if you choose HP products to enhance your productivity? (May, 1980)

Being immersed in our current open source rich culture, the idea of paying $4000 ($11,400 in 2013 dollars) for a Pascal compiler seems a bit mad.

Also, while reading in software via a giant spool of bar code is pretty weird, it is not the crazy method I teased earlier. That’s coming next week.

What if you choose HP products to enhance your productivity?

For example: PASCAL/1000, a modern computer language that makes programs simple to write, easy to debug, and inexpensive to maintain.

Pascal/1000 is Hewlett-Packard’s new, high-level, structured programming language for HP 1000 computers. By “structured,” we mean that a Pascal program is written in modules in much the same way that a building is put together with standard building blocks.

Programmable calculators with revolutionary Solid State Software… from Texas Instruments. (Sep, 1977)

Introducing the new generation of programmable calculators… with revolutionary Solid State Software… from Texas Instruments.

The world’s most advanced programmables.

Performance. Capability. Quality. Value.

The TI Programmable 58.
The advanced key programmable calculator with plug-in Solid State Software™ libraries.

The TI Programmable 59.
The super-powerful card programmable with Solid State Software™ libraries and magnetic cards.

About the Cover: Pascal’s Triangle (Aug, 1978)

This reminds me of XKCD’s Map of Online Communities.There was a time when Pascal seemed like it was the ascendant language, just before C just zoomed on by and took over the world. I remember reading the Inside Macintosh books when I was a kid and thinking, shit, I’m going to have to learn this Pascal thing.

About the Cover

by Carl Helmers

It is rare when one can indulge in one’s prejudices with relative impunity, poking a bit of good humored fun to make a point. The design of the cover, entitled “Pascal’s Triangle” provided just such an opportunity. The cover was executed by Robert Tinney, but the prejudices are all mine and were given to him as a fairly detailed script. The point is that Pascal is here, it is consistent with use by small computers, such as many readers own, and it is available in the form of the UCSD software system at quite a nominal charge above the cost of the hardware required.