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Puppets Made from Light Bulbs (Aug, 1939)

Puppets Made from Light Bulbs
ELECTRIC-LIGHT bulbs and radio tubes form the basic materials with which Alfred Wronkow, of New York City, fashions the amusing caricature figures shown above. For the “social-light” wedding scene pictured, Wronkow used common household items to dress the principals and attendants at the fusing of “Claire Coppertop,” a dainty twenty-five-watt bride, and “John Glasstum-my,” her husky seventy-five-watt groom.

Marionettes Go Hollywood (Oct, 1937)

Marionettes Go Hollywood


MARIONETTES in the guise of chorus girls and movie stars dance and strut before a starlit background in one of the most novel scenes ever devised and filmed in Hollywood. Cleverly carved and costumed by skilled craftsmen working under the direction of Russell Patterson, famous artist, the puppet entertainers were accompanied in their marionette musical comedy by a curious symphony orchestra made up of weird animated instruments that played themselves.

Most of the dummy performers, which are featured in the recently completed film “Artists and Models,” are about three feet high, with bodies shaped from sponge rubber and hinged moving parts carefully carved from wood. Each marionette was operated by a maze of invisible strings manipulated by groups of operators working out of the camera’s range on platforms built above the stage.

Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children (Jul, 1942)

This is actually a really good idea.

Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children
Getting young children to pose naturally indoors for a portrait is far from easy, as many amateur photographers have discovered. If much work of this type is to be done, it pays to follow the example of successful professionals and give the children something interesting to look at. In one studio devoted to child photography, the camera is set up behind a Punch and Judy theater. The children are fascinated by the puppets and pay little or no attention to anything else, so that it is a simple matter to take their pictures.
—Lawrence Gottlieb.

Lifelike Movie Puppets Act Out Ancient Fable (Jun, 1939)

Lifelike Movie Puppets Act Out Ancient Fable

LIFELIKE puppets, that change their expressions realistically, replace the usual drawn cartoon figures in a new animated movie depicting an old-time fable in which a nimble-witted hedgehog plots with his wife and wins a race with a fleet-footed hare.