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RHEUMATISM (Feb, 1909)

Apparently they have a trademark on magic feet.


I Will Send Every Sufferer Who Returns My Coupon My One Dollar External Cure to TRY FREE


I have found an external cure for Rheumatism that is curing old chronic cases of 30 and 40 years suffering, as well as all the milder stages.

Why Stout People Cant Wear New Styles (Mar, 1922)

Why Stout People Cant Wear New Styles

Reduce to Your Ideal Figure In Two Weeks!

Make This Free Test – Results Guaranteed

NO Exercise, Starving, Special Baths, Rolling, Massage, Appliances, Special Clothing or any Discomfort Whatever.

Do Nine Out of Ten Persons Commit Suicide? (Mar, 1922)

No. And if they did, I’m pretty sure “internal bathing” wouldn’t help.

Do Nine Out of Ten Persons Commit Suicide?

Why do apparently strong, healthy looking men and women die too young?

Do you get up in the morning full of “Pep” and in a few hours find yourself “all in”?

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question (Mar, 1922)

“Constipation is the curse of the American People. It is the cause of more fatal diseases than any other preventable ailment.”

For some reason I doubt that.

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question

Learn the Secret of Health From Alfred W. McCann’s Wonderful Book


The Most Precious Thing in the World

HEALTH is The Most Precious Thing In The World. Without it nothing else matters No amount of “Dieting” or “Exercise” can bring health to you if you are ignorant of the proper kinds of food to eat.

CAVE CURE For Asthma Victims (Nov, 1954)

CAVE CURE For Asthma Victims

NEAR the town of Ennepetal in Westphalia, Germany, is the Klutert cave which has become a mecca for asthma sufferers who find a short stay in the cave rids them of coughing spasms.

Doctors investigating the phenomenon say that the humid air in the cave is almost entirely free of allergy-producing agents. This, plus a slight radioactivity in the cave walls, accounts for the magical properties of the Klutert cave— giving new hope to victims of one of man’s oldest ills. •


“Every theory, you see, is as sound as a dollar. Any one of them is sufficient to sell a hair tonic or commend a new treatment.”

All those damn quacks, claiming they have a cure!

“A modern method which is of undoubted potency in the treatment of premature loss of hair is the ultra-violet ray. This must not be confused with the comparatively useless violet ray lamp.”



by William Brady M.D.

ALOPECIA, as physicians call it —they always tack a fancy title an a disease when they know little or nothing about it— ‘ comes in many forms. There is alopecia adnata, which signifies that some people are born bald. Then we have alopecia senilis, implying that a favored few live long enough to achieve it. But the most painful, the most cowardly type of baldness is alopecia prematura, which is thrust upon us by our friend the barber in his tonsorial operations.

Brain Meter Tests Lawmaker’s Intellect (Jun, 1934)

Brain Meter Tests Lawmaker’s Intellect

Your Congressman’s Brain

Based on partial survey of 89 senators and congressmen.

SENATORS’ brain weights averaged 52 oz., congressmen, 50 oz. The greatest brain weight, 55 oz., was shown in members from Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The next highest brain weight, 53 oz., was found in members from Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.

The lowest weight, 49 oz., was registered by members from California, Oregon and Washington.



CAN SCIENCE restore hair to the bald? Startling results in the affirmative are reported in 500 cases treated with a new machine, developed by Dr. Andre A. Cueto, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Fourteen to twenty half-hour treatments are said in many cases, to produce the appearance of “fuzz,” and from this point on the patient is declared to progress toward a normal growth of hair.

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health (Mar, 1922)

Yum, sugar-coated electricity.

If you would like to learn more about these miraculous devices, this site has some good info. They also have some available for sale. Or just pick one up on ebay.

With health insurance rates going through the roof, can you really afford NOT to have your own Violet Ray machine?

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health

Absolutely shockless and painless, overcomes nervousness, banishes aches and pains, renews the vigor of youth and builds healthy, well-developed bodies

Thousands of volts of stimulating, up-building, high frequency electricity—as painless and pleasant as a ray of sunshine—can be sprayed into any weak, diseased or under-developed part of your body. Instantly you will feel its healing, strengthening, tonic effect. You will feel the warm, fresh blood surge to the treated part, bringing with it the tissue-building and disease-fighting forces that Nature provides. Poisons and diseased tissues will be washed away, pains and inflammations relieved and the part treated will be nourished and strengthened. It literally helps Nature build new bodies.