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Cannibal Figure Forms an Amusing Desk Novelty (Oct, 1939)

There. I fixed it.

Cannibal Figure Forms an Amusing Desk Novelty

Rubber bands and paper clips never had a more novel holder than this cannibal figure, who stands guard so patiently over an ink bottle, spear in hand. His spear is, in reality, a penholder, and there is a little tray in front of him for holding thumb tacks or pins.


Because using an actress who was actually Chinese would be ridiculous.


A South Carolina girl of French-Indian descent is a Chinese temptress on TV

GLORIA SAUNDERS, one of the most talked-about girls in Hollywood, is the dramatic star of “Mysteries of Chinatown,” a television show on the ABC network. Playing the part of a beautiful Chinese girl, Ah Toy, she gets involved in a constant mess of crime and murder each week to the delight of her fans.



By mail at home or in our Resident School. Men and women artists earn good salaries at easy work. Individual, practical instruction. We guarantee proficiency or money refunded. Positions assured. Illustrating, Cartooning, Commercial Designing:, Mechanical, Architectural, and Sheet Metal Pattern Drafting taught by instructors trained in Europe and America. Advisory Board approves lessons. Test work sent free to find out your needs and probable success. Tell course wanted.

Acme School of Drawing, 1272 S. St., Kalamazoo, Mich.


Ignoring the actual content of the article, I would just like to point out that “more than 10,000” is not “countless”. It’s actually a pretty specific number.

Also, read the “Report From the Future” on the second page to learn Hugo Gernsback’s plan to cure racial tension in the U.S. by turning all the black people white.


The unusual story of a doctor who has “re-created” more than 10,000 virgins.

Countless brides in Japan say they owe their happy marriage to Dr. Kohei Matsukubo, a 50-year-old plastic surgeon of Tokyo. More than 10,000 operations have been performed by this doctor to give women (including some Western women) new hymens. His story was told recently in the Canadian publication Chinatown News by Robert Metcalfe.

Blowing Off Steam (Sep, 1915)

These are pretty terrible jokes. I wonder if they were actually funny in 1915…

Blowing Off Steam

An Unofficial Source
City Editor—”What did you mean when you wrote, ‘The statement is semi-official?’ ”
Reporter—”Mrs. Blinks wouldn’t talk, so I got the story from her husband.”—Philadelphia Public Ledger.

Tibet – Golden Roof of the World (Nov, 1950)

This article is a total piece of garbage. It would be better titled: “Tibet: how can we steal all the gold and screw the populace over before the commies do. Crap, we can’t!”

Tibet – Golden Roof of the World

In the sacred soil of ancient Tibet, nestled high in the great Himalaya Mountains, lie millions of tons of gold—waiting for the world to discover it.

By Harrison Forman

FANTASTIC Tibet could be the site of the greatest gold rush in all history!

I have seen tons of gold there. Yes, literally tons of it! I have seen whole rooftops of Tibetan temples and shrines heavily sheeted with gold. Giant golden Buddhas sat in these temples’ murky interiors with massive incense burners and altar pieces of solid gold. I have seen libraries of sacred Buddhist scripture whose dog-eared volumes were bound with bands of pure gold.


The only paragraph where he mentions the actual people of Africa:

Racial tension is another vital consideration. Kenya, for instance, has its terrible Mau Maus, now on the wane but still something to reckon with. In the Union of South Africa, there is immense, unorganized resentment growing among the non-whites against the white man’s absolute, rigid supremacy. And a good place to stay away from is the shooting-war area of Algeria where the tide of hate runs high. But the timid and overly delicate have never thrived in the world’s frontiers.


Cast a glance at the Bright Continent—”incomparably the best source of potential wealth waiting development in the world.”

By Lester David

THE YOUNG man knelt on the dry ground of the Bomi Hills in Liberia, a look of intense concentration on his tanned face. Then he rose and slowly made his way back to headquarters, deep in his own thoughts.


I wonder how many Japanese spies the internments actually prevented from acts of espionage. My guess would be close to zero. Besides the blatant racism, xenophobia and violation of civil rights, it just seems like a ridiculously inefficient way to stop espionage.


by Don Eddy

If you are not yet awake to the peril of invasion on our west coast, this article will give you a jolt. For weeks Mr. Eddy has been hot on the trail of enemies in our midst. He has seen U.S. agents uncover nests of spies working with short-wave radio, blinkers, signal flags, and carrier pigeons. And we’ve been handling these deadly snakes with kid gloves! Eighty per cent of them slip from the Army’s grip through legal loopholes. With our shores in imminent danger, this article is a challenging call for action.

JUST before midnight on last December 22, a young California farmer and his girl were sitting in a parked automobile at the brink of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a clear, crisp night.


Chinese people don’t kiss? I guess if Popular Science says it then it must be true.


When American movies invade foreign lands, they are likely to meet with a strange reception, according to the customs of the country. In the theaters of interior China, an attendant stands at the side of the auditorium. When he sees an upraised hand in the audience, he wrings out a hot towel and deftly shoots it, sometimes as far as fifty feet, to the patron. The recipient wipes off his face and goes on watching the show. Before every kissing sequence in a film, an announcer explains and demonstrates what a kiss is, and what it means to white people. The Chinese do not kiss.

Mechanical Novelties (Mar, 1936)

This is the earliest electric hand drier I’ve seen. It’s even got a photocell to start it when you put your hands in. Though I must say the cigarette lighter is pretty offensive in our time.

Mechanical Novelties

• HERE is a model fire truck—at least, it looks like one. As a matter of fact, the English fireman pictured is on top of a full-sized water tower, and the picture taken from 50 feet above.

Ice Flows from Tap Like Water
• WITH ice a necessity, for so many comfortable beverages, a good deal of time is spent cracking and dishing it. The machine below for bars and fountains, is very handy. It grinds down ice with a 1/4-H.P. motor; and a glass held under the faucet is at once filled with a flow of ice.