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Phil Cook Mikes His Whole Show at Once (Dec, 1930)

You can hear Phil Cook being interviewed in this 29 December 1940 episode of Behind The Mike.


Phil Cook Mikes His Whole Show at Once

Versatile Radio Actor Changes Voice and Expression at Will.


WITH nothing to help him but a microphone, his voice, and his imagination, Phil Cook, popular radio entertainer, projected fifteen different characters, each a distinct personality, in a six-minute skit during a recent special radio broadcast program over a large network.

This performance, hailed as a feat unequaled in radio history, was the culminating exhibition of a new technique developed by Cook for the one-man shows he puts on the air.

Amos ‘n’ Andy Explained (Jun, 1930)

Amos ‘n’ Andy Explained

By A. A. BRILL, M.D. As told to Michel Mok

DR. A. A. BRILL is known as the ablest man in his field in this country. He brought psychoanalysis to America and has written two widely read books on the subject. In this absorbing article, he brings all his vast knowledge and experience to bear in an effort to show you exactly why the Amos ‘n’ Andy craze is now sweeping the country. He goes to the very heart of the matter and makes clear the secret of their great popular appeal.

I DISCOVERED, not long ago, a new phenomenon in American life. Literally millions of persons of all ages and stations are listening daily to Amos ‘n’ Andy, the “comic strip of the air.” But they do more than that. They take an intense personal interest in the two characters, their ups and downs, their adventures. To thousands of men, women, and children Amos ‘n’ Andy are not fictitious figures. They are real, living human beings.