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Atomic Felt (Oct, 1954)

Who knew felt was such an important component in making atomic bombs?

American makes science serve its customers
It may surprise you to learn that American Felt Company keeps a Geiger Counter open in its Engineering and Research Laboratory. It is used to make sure no radioactive atomic particles from the atmosphere get into wool or other fibres used in making felts for industrial filtration, as in film, chemical or drug manufacture. All the other devices listed here have special applications, and are employed by chemists, engineers and technicians in our Laboratory to check every phase of our operations accurately. We are proud of our scientific approach to technical problems and invite your inquiries.

Promise of a golden future (Mar, 1953)

Promise of a golden future
Yellow uranium ore from the Colorado Plateau is helping to bring atomic wonders to you

Long ago, Indian braves made their war paint from the colorful sandstones of the Colorado Plateau.

THEY USED URANIUM-Their brilliant yellows came from carnotite, the important uranium-bearing mineral. Early in this century, this ore supplied radium for the famous scientists, Marie and Pierre Curie, and later vanadium for special alloys and steels.
Today, this Plateau—stretching over parts of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona —is our chief domestic source of uranium. Here, new communities thrive; jeeps and airplanes replace the burro; Geiger counters supplant the divining rod and miner’s hunch.

High Voltage Engineering Corporation (Feb, 1953)

Whew, now I know where to go for all of my high-voltage ionizing radiation needs. Thank you High Voltage Engineering Corporation!

Here’s why
as a source of controlled, powerful, ionizing radiation energy

because . . .

The ionizing intensity of its electron beam, at 2 MeV, is several thousand-fold greater than the most powerful radioactive sources now available. The same accelerator will deliver 5000 roentgens per minute of x-radiation at 10 centimeters.

The cost of radiation energy from a Van de Graaff, in terms of gram-rep in the irradiated material, is only a tiny fraction of the costs associated with natural or artificial radioactivity.

The electron or x-ray beam from a Van de Graaff is fully controllable in direction and shape, permitting efficient utilization of energy output.

Your specific questions about Van de Graaff equipment will be answered fully and promptly. Our experience in applied radiation energy is at your disposal in planning your research program.

High Voltage Engineering Corporation


How to Choose a Geiger Counter (Jan, 1956)

Ah yes, the glorious 1950’s when choosing a Geiger counter was part of every boy’s right of passage. People may not remember their first kiss, but they sure as hell remember their first multi-tube scintillation counter.

How to Choose a Geiger Counter

Rate meter? Multitube counter? Scintillation counter? Here an expert advises you on how to buy a uranium-finding instrument.

By Griff Borgeson

HUNTING uranium with a Geiger counter is like stalking game with a well-trained hound. All of the hundred-odd kinds of uranium ore are radioactive, and hardly any other rocks are. So a counter’s ability to “see” radiation can lead straight to pay dirt.

Counters are the great equalizers of the uranium rush. Thev give a tenderfoot an even break with trained mining men. and account for rank amateurs’ successes in history’s greatest metal hunt.

You can pay from about $20 to $2,000 for a counter, and choose from dozens of models. Which will best suit your needs?

I just hate wasting plutonium (Sep, 1956)

This is just crazy, they are talking about leaking plutonium; one of the most toxic and poisonous substances on earth, and the only thing they are worried about is how damn expensive that stuff is. I hope everyone in Hanford WA, is wearing one of those dashing suits.

Atomic Suit Inflated with Conditioned Air

The girl at right, wearing an anti-radiation suit is ready for her atomic job. Handling a Geiger counter and protected by the inflated plastic garment, she can detect floating radioactive particles without danger of contamination. Goodyear-made, the suit is air-conditioned for comfort.

Robot Halts Waste
When waste collected by this tape shows plutonium the machine signals control engineers at the Hanford atomic plant. Prompt “leak” plugging saves GE $250,000 a year in lost nuclear fuel.