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Plastic Raincoat for Hats (Oct, 1946)

Plastic Raincoat for Hats

A civilian adaptation of the waterproof hat covers worn by service men during the war is now available. Called Rainat, the cover is made of transparent vinyl plastic film, and is provided in three sizes.



Completely equipped for rain is the user of a two-in-one umbrella containing a pair of rubbers within its handle. Tightly rolled to occupy little space, they are withdrawn in a jiffy as shown above. When the handle is in place, as below, the umbrella appears to be an ordinary umbrella, in every way.

Lightweight, Transparent Rain Suit for Golfers (Oct, 1940)

It looks like she is defying God to strike her dead with a lightning bolt.

Lightweight, Transparent Rain Suit for Golfers

Protection from rain, without noticeable weight or interference with the wearer’s freedom of movement, is afforded golfers by a transparent rain suit. The suit consists of a long-sleeved jacket and trousers.

Collapsible Umbrella Fits in Bag (Jul, 1932)

Collapsible Umbrella Fits in Bag

HERE is the um-brella that shoppers and travelers everywhere have been looking for. It can be folded up and packed neatly in a bag or grip when traveling, or tucked away into the shopping bag when venturing out on days when low hanging clouds forecast a shower.

The collapsible umbrella is being made in sizes for both men and women and can be obtained in a variety of colors —a feature that will appeal to the women.
Photo on the right shows small size of umbrella when folded up.