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60 days to the front…every scrap of paper is needed! (Aug, 1945)

60 days to the front…every scrap of paper is needed!

It takes about two months before your waste paper, reprocessed into cartons, arrives at the battle fronts carrying such essentials as blood plasma, rations or ammunition to our fighting men overseas. Turn in your old paper regularly. Never burn it! It’s needed! When waste paper is sold, many organizations channel some of the funds to help wounded veterans by providing the little extras which mean so much during convalescence…or to support other worthy community projects. Back up the Double V Program—Save Every Scrap of Paper!

Separate and tie in bundles: 1. Wastebasket scraps. 2. Corrugated boxes, brown paper and bags. 3. Magazines and books. 4. Newspapers.

Space contributed to Double V Waste Paper Program by this publication.

IT’S A CRIME to waste so much as a scrap of paper (Aug, 1945)

This, of course, took up a small corner of a page in the middle of a dozen page advertising section.

IT’S A CRIME to waste so much as a scrap of paper. Ten pounds of paper will make ten shell containers; ten pounds will make twenty blood plasma (have you given blood yet?) containers. Ten pounds of waste paper will furnish material for containers to hold 540 fifty-caliber tracer bullets. It’s important; turn in your waste paper today!



To produce weapons, we must give up many “daily necessities.” Here’s the story of the sacrifices we must make.

by W. M. Kimball

MAYBE you’ve noticed it already.

There isn’t any opener tucked into your box of beer in cans. There’s a slight yellowish tinge to your white wrapping paper. And your wife’s nylon hose have lisle tops.

These straws show which way the wind is blowing American necessities. The wind is the war with its submarines, its terrific demand for ships and goods, its overwhelming shakeup of American industry—a new mechanical revolution that will affect civilization for years to come.