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5 amazing RCA TUBE IMPROVEMENTS that put new life in your Radio (Feb, 1934)

5 amazing RCA TUBE IMPROVEMENTS that put new life in your Radio

“BULLEEVE ME!” New tubes do make a difference when you listen to Fanny Brice.

Don’t buy any tubes today without knowing that you are getting these 5 remarkable improvements that will really put new life in your set! These great advances have come out of the RCA Radiotron Company’s laboratories, developed by world-famous engineers for you.

RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards (Aug, 1974)

RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards

When you buy RCA tubes from your participating RCA tube distributor, he delivers the goods the easy way. No muss, no fuss, no constant cutting of carton flaps, no torn cartons on your shelf or in your caddy. Just give your tube order to your RCA distributor and get your premium the free and easy way. The bigger your tube order, the more valuable your gift. So visit him soon and select your Free and Easy RCA award with your purchase of RCA tubes. (The values are really extra special.)

Teleran – “radio eyes” for blind flying! (Oct, 1946)

Teleran – “radio eyes” for blind flying!

Teleran (a contraction of TELE-vision — Radar Air Navigation) collects all of the necessary information on the ground by radar, and then instantly transmits a television picture of the assembled data to the pilot aloft in the airplane.

On his receiver the pilot sees a picture showing the position of his airplane and the position of all other aircraft near his altitude. This is superimposed upon a terrain map complete with route markings, weather conditions and unmistakable visual instructions to make his job easier.

Teleran—another achievement of RCA—is being developed with Army Air Forces co-operation by RCA Laboratories and RCA Victor. Moreover, when you buy any product bearing the RCA or RCA Victor monogram, you get one of the finest instruments of its kind science has yet achieved.

Radio Corporation of America, RCA Building, Radio City, New York 20… Listen to The RCA Victor Show, Sundays, 2:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time, over the NBC Network.


Now “Flying Stenographers” span the sea! (Sep, 1950)

Now “Flying Stenographers” span the sea!

You are familiar with teleprinter service which delivers a typed message, by wire, at high speed. Now this useful service takes to the air on a person-to-person basis, and is spanning the Atlantic Ocean by radio!

This new achievement, called TEX, was developed by RCA engineers and European experts. Its heart is an amazing machine that thinks in code, detects errors which may have come from fading or static —and automatically insists on a correction!

Television – a Season Pass to Baseball! (Apr, 1947)

Remember, it would be inappropriate to watch television wearing anything less than your Sunday best.

Television – a Season Pass to Baseball!

Every home game —day or night — played by the New York Giants, Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers will be seen over television this season!

Owning a television receiver in the New York area will be like having a season pass for all three ball clubs. And in other cities, preparations for the future telecasting of baseball are being made.

The new instructor gets a hearty welcome (Nov, 1950)

I guess that counts as portable, but damn would I love to have an electron microscope to play with.

The new instructor gets a hearty welcome

You’ve read, in both newspapers and magazines, about the powerful electron microscope. Now this amazing “instructor” of scientists and physicians becomes even more useful — in more research fields.

Through basic principles uncovered at RCA Laboratories, RCA engineers have developed a compact “table model” electron microscope, at a price which makes it practical for use in an increased number of universities, industries, hospitals, clinics. So simplified is the new instrument that a high school student or unskilled laboratory technician can quickly learn to use it!

She shall have music wherever she goes! (Jul, 1947)

She shall have music wherever she goes!

Wherever you go with an RCA Victor Globe Trotter portable radio you’ll enjoy unusual richness and clarity of tone—volume enough for outdoor dancing—made possible through tiny tubes.

Miniature tubes save valuable space in small radios—space that can be used for larger and better loudspeakers and for longer lasting, radio-engineered RCA batteries.

RCA’s New Multiscreen TV Lets You Switch to Where the Action Is (Jun, 1970)

This reminds me of the TV sets that the President or James Bond had in movies. It really should be concealed behind some sort of rotating wet bar and make a melodic beeping noise when you press the button to reveal it.

RCA’s New Multiscreen TV Lets You Switch to Where the Action Is

With four black-and-white monitors and a 25-inch color screen, this television set of the future doesn’t miss a trick—or a channel

By ARTHUR FISHER / Group Editor, Science and Engineering

The strange television set you are looking at will probably have a lot to do with the kind of set you’ll be able to buy in the future, even though it is not for sale.

I first saw it in a top-secret room of an RCA plant in Indianapolis, Ind. There it sat, a 6 and a half foot long box of smoky Plexiglas wrapped around five TV screens and some mighty fancy electronics. It was being readied for a smash unveiling before a meeting of distributors, but not as an item they could ever offer to the public. Then why was it built?

RCA Ad: What means most to an Engineer? (Nov, 1953)

What means most to an Engineer?





A Career at RCA offers all Four!

Vanishing Microphone lets the starts shine (Jan, 1951)

I’m really not sure how this microphone is supposed to vanish. Is it just small? Or made of lucite? Or does it come with skins so you can match an outfit? Or is it really some sort of super sophisticated active camoflauge system the military developed to hide…. um…. microphones?

Vanishing Microphone lets the starts shine

Now you see it, now you don’t!
RCA’s new “vanishing microphone” is plainly visible when standing alone—but let a television performer stand before it and it seems to disappear.