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Extra Cigarettes (Aug, 1945)

Alas this wouldn’t work nearly as well with filter cigarettes.

Extra Cigarettes

INSTEAD of discarding those butts save them. You can make one extra cigarette out of every three, or nine from a whole pack! After cleaning ashtray (1) trim off burned ends of butts (2) and place three in a single sheet of cigarette paper (3). Roll as you would a roll-your-own (4). Photo No. 5 shows the saving from one pack—almost 50% extra smokes plus one final butt left over. It’s all right to throw this one away if you want to. This system doesn’t require the skill needed for conventional hand rolling.

IT’S A CRIME to waste so much as a scrap of paper (Aug, 1945)

This, of course, took up a small corner of a page in the middle of a dozen page advertising section.

IT’S A CRIME to waste so much as a scrap of paper. Ten pounds of paper will make ten shell containers; ten pounds will make twenty blood plasma (have you given blood yet?) containers. Ten pounds of waste paper will furnish material for containers to hold 540 fifty-caliber tracer bullets. It’s important; turn in your waste paper today!

Machine “Eats” Old Light Bulbs (Feb, 1930)

Machine “Eats” Old Light Bulbs

BURNED out electric lamps which have been thrown into ashcans as worthless are now considered so valuable for salvaging purposes that a new machine, called a rumbler, has been perfected to thresh the brass shells out of this former waste. A New York company collects 300,000 incandescent lamps annually and salvages the brass ends by means of the new machine shown below. The old method of collecting bulbs and cracking them up in churns took much more time, was less efficient, and the brass ends had to be sorted out by hand.

Beating Bombs Into Mufflers (Oct, 1947)

Beating Bombs Into Mufflers
PRACTICE air bombs, left over from the war, are being converted to a peacetime job. Air Forces trucks and autos in Germany urgently need mufflers, so the Bruck Air Ordnance Depot at Nuremberg is making them from surplus-bomb stocks.

The project, started late in 1946, Has already turned out more than 4,600 truck mufflers. Now the production line is well into an order for 2,200 jeep mufflers. Capacity is 600 of these a week.

Machine Speeds Bottle Returns (May, 1960)

I personally prefer those machines that shred your cans, but none the less, an origination.

Machine Speeds Bottle Returns

At least one waiting line might be shortened if a supermarket installed this bottle-return machine in its parking lot. You’d slip bottles into sized openings. The machine would calculate the refund, issue a slip, and move the bottles inside on a belt.