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Make sure of this year’s SAVINGS (Feb, 1931)

Make sure of this year’s SAVINGS

START this year gloriously— and economically! Put new pride in your kitchen and more dollars in the bank. Cut living costs and guard family health—-with a thrifty all-steel General Electric Refrigerator. Born of 15 years’ tireless research, the General Electric offers every advantage of electrical refrigeration. Food is kept safe and appetizing in crisp, dry cold constantly below 50°.

Refrigeration and Your Health (Aug, 1930)

Refrigeration and Your Health

Germs, some of which are dangerous, multiply fast in temperature above 50. So test your refrigerator.

Secretary, Popular Science Institute

HOW to keep food from spoiling always has been a big problem. Drying, smoking, or pickling was the way it was solved in early days, but the trouble was these methods changed the taste and characteristics of the food. Finally, it was found that by removing heat, food could be kept for a long time without losing any of its natural qualities.

Freeze as You Please (Apr, 1948)

Freeze as You Please

BY FITTING both a home freezer and a refrigerator into one cabinet, and then making one compressor operate two cooling systems, General Electric engineers have put something new on the icebox market.

The combination, labeled Model NH-8, is only 30 inches wide and 63 inches high, but its top section is a 1.5-cubic-foot freezer section, and its refrigerator compartment has a volume of 6.7 cubic feet. Each section has its “own door and temperature control, and each works independently. Frequent opening of the refrigerator puts no load on the freezer, which ordinarily is opened only a few times a day for access to frozen foods or ice cubes.

A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator (Mar, 1930)

A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator

A REFRIGERATOR that works by means of fluid carbonic acid has been invented by Dr. Otto Liesegang, of Berlin. Through immediate gassification of the acid, which is held in a valve, a temperature of 80 degrees below zero is produced in the cooling apparatus resulting in a speedy freezing of ice or icecream. The main apparatus stands on the top shelf of the box at the right to permit use of the left side for storage purposes.

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best! (Jun, 1949)

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best!

NEW 1949 GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator – Home Freezer Combination

A separate refrigerator PLUS a separate home freezer.

The very finest refrigerators made today offer you the timesaving, worksaving, moneysaving advantages of having both a home freezer and a big fresh-food refrigerator in your kitchen.

Butter Trucks Have Complete Refrigeration Plant (May, 1929)

Butter Trucks Have Complete Refrigeration Plant
A FLEET of 12 refrigerated trucks, the first of their kind in the United States, are now delivering butter, meats, eggs, and other perishable goods into the city of San Francisco from points in the Sacramento Valley 125 miles distant. Each unit of the fleet consists of a ten ton truck and a five ton trailer, as shown in the photo below.

The Miracle of ICE from HEAT (Jun, 1939)

The Miracle of ICE from HEAT

Ingenious application of simple principle of physics turns the flame of a gas jet into ice cubes in the non-mechanical refrigerator.


TO THE average man there is nothing mysterious in mechanical refrigeration.

He knows that gases and vapors lose heat in expansion and that by a repeated cycle of compressions and expansions, confined gases can be cooled to an extent where they will operate as refrigerants. He knows that, in his domestic mechanical refrigerator, there is a motor and a pump which compress the refrigerant and that its repeated expansion in the coils in his box produces the cold that freezes his ice cubes and preserves his foodstuffs.

New Refrigerator Has Built-in Radio Receiver (Aug, 1937)

New Refrigerator Has Built-in Radio Receiver

A REFRIGERATOR equipped with a built-in radio has been placed on the market. So popular was the first model that the manufacturer has made available a choice of several models in different sizes equipped with radio. This has been accomplished by having the radio mounted in the top of the refrigerator, and having the refrigerator constructed so that a top equipped with radio may be substituted for one without.