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Rosicrucians Ad: Are you a ROBOT? (Jan, 1933)


DARE you throw off the shackles of tradition and orthodoxy? Do you close your eyes and say, “What was good enough for those before me is good enough for me?”

For centuries the knowledge about himself has been kept from man— suppressed. Today the Rosicrucians. a NON-RELIGIOUS Brotherhood, offer every man and woman the opportunity of a frank study of life’s mysteries. Do you know the facts about thought formation. Law of vibration, life on other planets, whether there is a soul?

Rosicrucians Ad: As Above – So Below (Oct, 1947)

As Above – So Below


IT HAS BEEN SAID that everything in the universe has its counterpart in man. What of your solar plexus? Does it link you with the world beyond . .. the vast cosmos of which earth is but a speck? Centuries ago, man observed that something in the center of his torso responded to his emotional excitements —joy, fear, elation, fright, sudden experiences. In seeking an explanation, there followed many more amazing discoveries. What did these ancient searchers for truth uncover? Did they learn how to draw energy to their emotional centers — for performing miracles and accomplishing feats that seemed impossible to the uninitiated?

The Conflict Between Science and Religion (Oct, 1927)

This article sounds like it could have been written today, except the authors seem more accepting of evolution.

The Conflict Between Science and Religion

A Discussion by Leaders in American Life, with an Introduction By BRUCE BARTON

Author of “The Man Nobody Knows” and “The Book Nobody Knows”

THE printing of these statements is a public service. It ought to bring us closer to the day when the absurd phrase “the conflict between science and religion” will be permanently in the discard.

When theologians presume to prescribe the boundaries of truth they put themselves in the impossible position of most of their predecessors through the Middle Ages. When scientists presume to announce that man is merely material, coming from nothing and bound nowhere, and that the universe is a meaningless riddle, they are equally out of their depth.

Robot Song Master Stimulates Sunday-School Singing (Nov, 1953)

Robot Song Master Stimulates Sunday-School Singing
Youngsters sing their lungs out to please a robot who draws big crowds to a Seattle Sunday-school class. “Sam” has eyes of radio tubes and light-bulb ears, a big square face and a grinning mouth. As the volume of singing increases, bulbs light up and Sam’s long red tongue wags back and forth. Besides functioning like an applause meter, Sam tells short Bible stories by means of a hidden tape recorder.