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The Roadside Stand Goes “High Hat” (May, 1930)

The Roadside Stand Goes “High Hat”

It is easily seen that refreshment – seeking youngsters pick the place that catches the eye.

There is nothing like individuality to create lasting impressions. Here is a group of the once lowly roadside stands. Kinda ritzy, what?

In “going modern,” stand owners are overlooking nothing that will add distinctiveness to their business establishments. To the west goes the honor of pioneering in this movement.

Advertising ODDITIES Attract Attention (Oct, 1930)

Advertising ODDITIES Attract Attention

THE milk delivery truck illustrated at the right, in addition to attracting attention through its unusual bus-like design, incorporates several distinctive features which make it especially suitable for this type of work.

The floor of the truck is built low and the doors are wide to make frequent entrance and exit easy. The car is driven from a standing position and is designed for frequent starting and stopping. The roomy body is fitted with racks to hold the various sizes of milk bottles.

Artistic Hot Dog Stands Fostered by New Organization (Dec, 1929)

Artistic Hot Dog Stands Fostered by New Organization

DESIGNING and construction of artistic hot dog stands and filling stations is being fostered by the new National Stand Owners’ association of operators of roadside refreshment and motor service stations. Instead of waiting until the highways are further cluttered with temporary, nondescript eyesores, they have set out to dignify and stabilize their business by advocating more attractive and sanitary stations.

Bizarre Eat Shops Built to Lure Trade (Apr, 1934)

That flower pot tearoom is pretty awesome.

Bizarre Eat Shops Built to Lure Trade

An ice cream maker’s specialty is cones. His shops throughout the city are shaped like inverted cones, thus advertising his wares and drawing attention.

HOT DOGS are purveyed by this eat shop, so the showman instincts of the proprietor have caused him to model the exterior of his stand after a puppy.

Freak Roadside Stands Attract Patrons (Jun, 1938)