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Mechanical Cow (Feb, 1950)

This is not our first mechanical cow.

Mechanical Cow

Up in Whitehorse, the largest settlement in the Yukon Territory, children get their milk from a mechanical cow. Actually, the machinery works in reverse — it churns milk stock, pure water and butter back into rich milk. The water is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the milk stock added. Then the mixture is brought to a boil and butter mixed in at a temperature of 145 degrees.

Robot Cow Moos and Gives Milk (May, 1933)

Robot Cow Moos and Gives Milk

Hidden Motors Give Exhibit for World’s Fair the Movements of a Living Animal

AN ELECTRIC cow that chews a cud, breathes, moves its head, winks its eyes, moos, and gives real milk will form one of the exhibits at the World’s Fair next summer.

This robot animal has just been completed at the New York City workshop of Messmore and Damon, specialists in creating mechanical beasts that range from prehistoric dinosaurs to modern puppies. It is an exact reproduction of a Holstein milk cow, the hide which covers the papier-mache body being that of the real animal. This particular Holstein was chosen as a model because it had a large black spot on one side. In the reproduction, this spot forms a door that can be removed if anything goes wrong with the mechanism inside.