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IT’S NEW! (May, 1956)

Wow, Ken Garritt must have some pretty strong wrists to hold up a 160 pound bike that way. Maybe one of the dynamos powers an anti-grav unit.


SNAZZY RUNABOUT, by sports car designer Brooks Stevens, mounts a 30-hp Evinrude Lark motor, has bucket seats and costs a mere $11,000.

FISSION FASHION. Suit designed to protect wearer from atomic fallout gets a big yak in Chicago. Fifteen-oz. silk garment is meant to be earned as emergency armor.

HOME-BUILT BIKE owned by Briton Ken Garritt weighs 160 lbs., has 24 gear ratios, three dynamos that power 17 lamps, lour direction finders and real cool twin horns.

NEW in SCIENCE (Mar, 1950)


Cosmic Lab is 2250 feet under the shores of Lake Cayuga near Ithaca, N.Y. Here, Lowell M. Bollinger, Cornell University scientist, checks a geiger counter he has installed to study cosmic ray particles which smash deep into the earth from outer space. The laboratory is located in an abandoned salt mine which was tunneled Far under the lake’s surface.

Roller Skates Have Tractor Treads (Jun, 1936)

Roller Skates Have Tractor Treads
LOOKING like a pair of toy army tanks, roller skates invented by a Japanese school teacher are fitted with endless treads like those used on tractors. This novel feature is said to make it possible for users to skate over rough surfaces that would stop conventional skates.

Two-Wheel Skate (Feb, 1954)

Two-Wheel Skate
Roller skates with only two wheels provide some of the thrills of ice skating the year ’round. The two large wheels are center-mounted and are made of plastic-rubber. The skate is adjustable in length and has a cushioned ankle strap.

Rollerblades (Jun, 1959)

RUBBER rollers instead of blades on German practice ice skates can be used at home. They are noiseless, will not scratch floor.

Early Rollerblades (Nov, 1953)

Two-Wheel Skates Cut Noise
Centered wheels give these new roller skates the feel and maneuverability of ice skates. The artificial-rubber wheels, rounded instead of flat, are said to be less noisy, speedier, better for pivots and sudden stops. The two-wheelers are made by the Rocket Skate Co., Burbank, Calif.