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Luxury for Sale: Price, Only $19,200 (Jan, 1948)

Luxury for Sale: Price, Only $19,200

THE dignified products of Britain’s Rolls-Royce, Ltd., cost from two to three times as much as the most expensive American car. What does a buyer get when he planks down $18,450 to $19,200 for a Rolls-Royce, or $12,900 to $17,700 for its faster, slightly smaller sister, the Bentley?

He receives one of the most carefully engineered automobiles in the world, with such refinements as separate high- and low-pressure oil systems, a vibration-reducing
spring drive between engine and cam shaft, servo-controlled brakes, and a one-push pedal that grease-guns the car. Five months’ handwork will have finished the body to his personal taste—in England the customer is invited to the factory to check on progress. But although the buyer pays heavily for tradition and mechanical beauty, he gets quality and performance that are timeless.