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The Mysterious Influence In The Air You Breathe!

The SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE is in the air you breathe. Deposited in your blood—with each inhalation you take—is the intelligence that directs the course of the planets through the misty reaches of space, and the strange phenomenon of life itself.

Rosicrucians: The Memory of an Atom (Jan, 1942)

The Rosicrucians seem to have a knack for pulling science imagery into their ads.

The Memory of an Atom

Can The Past Be Awakened–

WERE THE ANCIENTS RIGHT? Does the whirling heart of an atom contain the secret of the universe? If everything from a grain of sand to the mighty stars—including man—is composed of atoms, do these particles contain the infinite intelligence which ordained and directs all things? Shall man at last find within them his true purpose in the scheme of things?


I wish you could still just put your name and city as your address.


Fit Your Abilities To The Opportunities

You have unused talents and mental powers. Learn to develop those faculties of mind which today’s world of business demands. Start life anew—without changing your affairs. Write the Rosicrucians for free Sealed Book telling how you may receive age-old teachings to achieve personal power.

Address: Scribe M.V.K.
The ROSICRUCIANS, (Amorc) San Jose, Calif.

Mental Poisoning! (Jul, 1939)

Mental Poisoning!

Thoughts that Enslave Minds

Tortured souls. Human beings whose self-confidence and peace of mind have been torn to shreds by invisible darts—the evil thoughts of others. Can envy, hate and jealousy be projected through space from the mind of another? Do poisoned thoughts, like mysterious rays, reach through the ethereal realms to claim innocent victims? All of us, from day to day and hour to hour, in every walk of life, in every circumstance, are possible victims of mental poisoning, unless we understand its nature, and can quickly recognize its infectious innoculation.

Rosicrucians Ad: Will Man Create Life? (Apr, 1950)

I’ve read this ad three times now and I still have no idea what they are saying. Though I must say that the “good” future they present sounds a lot like what post-singularity transhumans are supposed to be like:

Will the future know a superior, Godlike race of humans—each a genius and each the masterful creation of an unerring formula”

If the formula is unerring, wouldn’t everyone be identical? How is this different from the second option? Also, how can everyone be a genius? That’s sort of like saying everyone will be above average.

And why does the creation of life always require giant tesla coils?

Will Man Create Life?

DOES THE SECRET of life belong to Divinity alone?

Will Nature’s last frontier give way to man’s inquiring mind? Can man become a creator, peopling the world with creatures of his own fancy? Was the ancient sage right, who said: “To the Gods the Soul belongs, but to man will belong the power of Life”? Will the future know a superior, Godlike race of humans—each a genius and each the masterful creation of an unerring formula—or will Soulless beings, shorn of the feelings which have bound mortals together in understanding, dominate the earth?



Truths That Have Been Denied Struggling Humanity

FOR every word that has left the lips of bishops or statesmen to enlighten man, a thousand have been withheld. For every book publicly exposed to the inquiring mind, one hundred more have been suppressed—damned to oblivion. Each year of progress has been wilfully delayed centuries. Wisdom has had to filter through biased, secret sessions or ecclesiastical council meetings, where high dignitaries of state and church alone proclaimed what man should know.

Rosicrucians Ad: Psychic Phenomena and The War (Mar, 1945)

Psychic Phenomena and The War

On the Threshold of Danger — Strange Things Happen!

Have you ever sensed the imminent danger of a loved one-even though he is across sea or continent? Have you been suddenly awakened by the call of your name—then realize that the one who spoke it was thousands of miles distant? If you ever had these experiences — as millions now have — learn the truth about them.

Rosicrucians Ad: Are you a ROBOT? (Jan, 1933)


DARE you throw off the shackles of tradition and orthodoxy? Do you close your eyes and say, “What was good enough for those before me is good enough for me?”

For centuries the knowledge about himself has been kept from man— suppressed. Today the Rosicrucians. a NON-RELIGIOUS Brotherhood, offer every man and woman the opportunity of a frank study of life’s mysteries. Do you know the facts about thought formation. Law of vibration, life on other planets, whether there is a soul?

Rosicrucians Ad: As Above – So Below (Oct, 1947)

As Above – So Below


IT HAS BEEN SAID that everything in the universe has its counterpart in man. What of your solar plexus? Does it link you with the world beyond . .. the vast cosmos of which earth is but a speck? Centuries ago, man observed that something in the center of his torso responded to his emotional excitements —joy, fear, elation, fright, sudden experiences. In seeking an explanation, there followed many more amazing discoveries. What did these ancient searchers for truth uncover? Did they learn how to draw energy to their emotional centers — for performing miracles and accomplishing feats that seemed impossible to the uninitiated?