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Moving Reflectors Protect Riders (Jan, 1936)

Moving Reflectors Protect Riders

MOVING reflectors mounted on bicycle pedals provide a conspicuous warning to motorists of the rider ahead. They are easier to see than the stationary type, the flashing disks attracting immediate attention. They are the invention of an English bus driver.

Emergency Shower Bath Puts Out Clothing Fires (Mar, 1940)

Emergency Shower Bath Puts Out Clothing Fires
Laboratory and industrial workers, exposed to the hazards of inflammable materials and dangerous chemicals, will benefit by an emergency shower of new design. A tug on a hanging chain releases a torrent of water from an oversize head, to extinguish burning clothing or wash off spilled acid, as shown in the view at left.

Hair Helmet – Literally (Jul, 1964)

Newest fashion for women cyclists

Both of these cyclists are wearing crash helmets – the lady’s a nylon-hair wig on a heavy plaster-composition base. Made by a London hairdresser in a variety of colors and hairdos, the wigs are the rage with women riders. Skintight, they are water-proof and can be worn on any occasion