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Buescher Sax: WHAT A MAN. (Dec, 1931)

Buescher Sax: WHAT A MAN.

Health, wealth, and happiness gravitate toward the man who can play a Buescher Sax.’ Gives you the chance to enjoy all the pleasures of life. So easy to learn, too, on a Buescher. Many master scales the first hour; play tunes in a week ; join a band or orchestra in 90 days, But only with a Buescher is this rapid progress assured. Go now, to your local Buescher dealer. See the new models. Try them. Arrange to take one home on trial. Or send a postal for beautiful catalog. Easy terms. Get started now with a Buescher.


Buescher Band Instrument Co.. 1215 Buescher Block, Elkhartv Indiana

Be the “Tom Brown” of Your Town (Oct, 1923)

I think I’ll pass.

Be the “Tom Brown” of Your Town

You may have the talent to develop into a Saxophone wizard like Tom Brown, of the famous Tom Brown’s Clown Band, the highest priced musical act, and enjoy this most pleasant of vocations. Buescher Instruments have helped make famous Tom Brown, Paul Whiteman, Joseph C. Smith, Clyde C. Doerr, Bennie Krueger, Dan Russo, Paul Specht, Carl Fenton, Ross Gorman, Arnold Johnson, Nathan Glantz and thousands of others. $500 to $1,000 weekly for but two hours a day is not uncommon for musicians of such ability to earn.