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Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots (Feb, 1932)

This explanation is completely wrong.

Planet Gravity Causes Sunspots

THE eleven-year cycle of sun spots, with all its earthly effects on weather and radio, has been traced by scientists to the gravitational pull exerted on the sun by three of the planets, the earth, Jupiter and Venus. The planets exert joint attractions every eleven years.

Voltage of Sunset Is Large (May, 1930)

Don’t you need a source and drain to have a current? What are they in this case?

Voltage of Sunset Is Large
THE electric voltage of a sunset is 2000 volts higher than of a sunrise. Day and night three vast electric currents, like rapid tidal floods, rush around the spinning earth in layers of the air 80 or 90 miles above the ground.

Freak Weather Caused by Sunlight (Jul, 1932)

Does that mean the hurricane is not really Obama’s fault?

Freak Weather Caused by Sunlight

RECENT abnormal weather in Europe and North America has been matched in the Southern Hemisphere by record rains and floods in South Africa and unprecedented heat in Australia. Weather experts claim the experiences of both continents are related to the same fundamental cause, which is the excess of heat from the sun four to six years ago. This was stored, it is believed, in tropical waters, resulting in unusual currents of hot and moist air.

  • The first is simply conservation of angular momentum. Handy, but not exactly a wonder.
  • For the second one, yeah, the universe is pretty damn big.
  • I’m not sure why the delicate mechanisms needed for insect life are any more wonderous than the delicate mechanisms needed for larger lifeforms.
  • The fourth doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense unless you’re talking about the question of why the universe began with such a low state of entropy (the arrow of time) or possibly the Horizon problem, neither of which I think he knew about.

According to his brief Wikipedia entry J. Arthur Thomson was known for his attempts to reconcile science and religion which I suppose explains the mix of “wonders”.


Revising the wonders of the universe, Sir J. Arthur Thomson. British zoologist, suggests there are four of them. The first, he says, is the power that keeps stars and planets spinning on their axes. Immensity of space is the second. Third, the delicate mechanisms needed for the life of even the smallest of insects. The orderliness of Nature is fourth.

SCIENCE NEWS of the MONTH (Feb, 1936)

What is down hill to a continent?


Continents Have Stopped Sliding Down Hill
• THE migration of continents, which some geologists think a continual process, while others deny it, is suggested by George W. Munro, of Purdue University, in a letter to Science, to have been an actual occurrence; but one which has happened only twice in two billions years of the earth’s history, when sufficient heat was developed near the surface to start continental masses moving under pressure. He suggests that the American continent hit a snag, which broke its backbone.