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Scotland’s Best-kept Secret (Nov, 1954)

Scotland’s Best-kept Secret

No, other country in the world has been able to make Scotch whisky. The Scots have been doing it for over five hundred years, and even they don’t know how they do it BY JOHN KOBLER Illustrated by Erik Blegvad

town with seven distilleries … in one mile of Highland river; they used the same water, peat, and malt . . . yet each spirit had its own individual bouquet.”

During a jaunt through Scotland not long ago, I had an opportunity to inquire into the mystery under ideal conditions— while sampling some twenty-year-old Ballantine’s in a snug little pub facing Loch Lomond, in the company of Mr. John Grant, director emeritus of Hiram Walker & Sons (Scotland). I failed to penetrate the mystery, but I learned a lot of other things about Scotch whisky.