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Mental Demons (Apr, 1917)

Mental Demons

Are They Holding You Back?

Does a host of mental demons bar your path to success? Do you feel yourself incapable to meet important situations? Do you lack the power to make people recognize you—to make others see things your way — to compel people to listen to you? Are you weak in a crisis?

Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb.. (Jun, 1932)

Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb..

When You Ought to Talk?

How often have you wanted to talk, but held back, silent, because you felt unequal to the other people present? How many times have you passed up or avoided the chance to talk in public—before your business associates, your club or lodge, because of your fear of stage fright?

$ $ $ $ $ PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE (Nov, 1959)

There’s no way I’m going to even attempt OCRing this. If anyone feels like going through the trouble, send me a transcript and I’ll be happy to cred it you.


210 South Clinton Street, Chicago 6, Ill.

Please rush me the practical concentrated courses I have circled below. I understand each is complete and that this is the full price, nothing more for me to pay. I have the right to examine everything you send me for 10 full days. If I am not more than satisfied in every way I will return the material and you guarantee to make full refund, without question or quibble.

SUPER JU JITSU (Dec, 1942)


NOW— You Can Destroy Your Enemy Quick!

BE A ONE-MAN BLITZ! Strike with Commando lightning! You don’t need ox-like muscles to use Super Ju Jitsu, most powerful of all defense and attack methods. Technique is the deadly secret. Brains count—not size, not strength. Almost miraculously efficient.

HOW TO LOVE and be LOVED (Nov, 1959)


There Is an art In knowing how to gain love and affection. How to hold It so that happiness can last for a lifetime. Here within the pages of TRUE LOVE GUIDE you can discover — from the experience of successful lovers—many proven ways to find and hold a mate. You get secrets of technique . . . confidential information on how to avoid heartbreaking mistakes. All in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Give Me One Evening And I’ll Give You A Push-Button Memory (Dec, 1961)

His course is still around.  His books on magic and memory (first one in 1996 and latest published in 2007) are still in print.

Give Me One Evening And I’ll Give You A Push-Button Memory

Yes! Here at last is your chance to gain the super-powered, file-cabinet memory you’ve always dreamed about…so easily and so quickly that you’ll he astounded …AND ACTUALLY DO IT WITHOUT RISKING A PENNY!

Let me explain! I don’t care how poor you may think, your memory Is now! I believe that you have a memory 10 TO 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU REALIZE TODAY! I believe that your memory is working at a tiny fraction of its true power today—because you simply don’t know the right way to feed it facts!

How to Get the Things YOU Want (Oct, 1932)

How to Get the Things YOU Want

a five-year plan that anybody can use By Emmet Crozier

TAKE a pencil and a sheet of paper and write down your aims in life. Don’t be too specific, but let your imagination ramble a bit. Think of the years ahead. Make a list of the things you want most; then check back to see if you’ve missed anything. The job should take about three minutes—not more than five—and when you’ve finished you will probably lean back and survey the penciled program with hopeful pride.

If You Want to be Liked (Oct, 1932)

If You Want to be Liked-

You can’t do better than follow the advice of “Doctor” Shurr, discoverer of stage stars


SOME men sell groceries for a living; some sell bonds. Others sell | houses, airplanes, washing machines, or carpet tacks. Louis Shurr sells charm. Last year he sold more than a million dollars’ worth.

Broadway, New York’s Main Street, is the counter over which Shurr purveys his unusual commodity, and the chances are that at one time or another you have been one of his customers. Not directly, for “the Doctor,” as George White dubbed him years ago, deals on a wholesale scale. He sells charm to hard-boiled theatrical producers, who in turn sell it to you and me at so much per orchestra or gallery seat ticket.

A Head Full of Brains – A Throat Full of Gurgles (Mar, 1922)

A Head Full of Brains – A Throat Full of Gurgles

IS THAT the way you go after a job? You may have a fine set of brains but you must have a voice to prove it.

If you are not as successful as you might have been, start out right by confessing to yourself that something is wrong. There is something which prevents you from appealing to those who have an influence on your income.

Perhaps Your Voice is to Blame!

Have you ever considered that the trouble may lie with your voice? Your contact with the world depends upon your five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Certainly you try to dress well and to be pleasing in the sight of others. Probably you have developed a fine firm handshake. When you entertain friends at dinner you serve food that will please their taste.


A whole family can learn to dance this guaranteed way

If you’ve never danced before, you’ll soon become a good dancer with this new, amazing picture course! Every member of your family will love it—it’s easy, you learn quickly, have fun doing the steps. Learn Fox Trot, Waltz, how to lead, secret of following, gain confidence, etc- Send coupon today! Pay postman only $1.98 on delivery, or send $2 with coupon and save 24c postage. Try course 5 days. Money promptly refunded if not delighted.
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